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Can you believe we are only 120 days away from camp?! And in less than 120 days our staff will be here gearing up ready to meet all of you! This summer we are thrilled to announce that we will be offering new activities to camp and allowing more creativity into Skyline, as well.

When the rain comes the drill is going and Mr. Adam, our maintenance man, is busy working on fun things for a few different activities. Mr. Adam builds all the wood projects for Arts and Crafts. Be on the look out for a few new crafts this summer. We are also getting new sinks. One sink for Arts and Crafts and one for Pottery. Having these new additions will be super helpful come summer time when it’s time to wash all those brushes and hands during two of our most popular activities. Mr. Adam also showed some of his own creativity and used an old canoe to make a new basketball holder out of it!

This summer we are starting a new photography class for girls who are rising 5th grade and up. I have been talking with the two counselors, Ellie and Mary Hayden, who will be teaching this class. It has gotten me really excited. They are super pumped to share the knowledge they have and allow campers to dive deep into their creative side. The photography class will help teach campers more about the cameras they choose to bring, and the campers will get the opportunity to work on editing the photos they capture here at camp. We’re looking forward to see what type of photos these girls will capture each day during camp.

We are also expanding our Caving and Rappelling class! We will be offering it to more campers while making it a longer class that will take up two periods. This will allow the girls to experience more rappelling locations during the two weeks they are here. The girls who took this class last summer amazed all of us at their strength and motivation to rappel down and climb up the cliffs over and over again, always asking do I have time to go once more.

There are still a few spots open for each of these activities at camp. Let me know if you’re interested in a spot this summer.

We are super excited about this summer and all the new things at camp!

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