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We are so excited celebrate our different clubs this week on social media! Each day we are highlighting a club, its members, and their spirit. The clubs hold a special place in our heart as they are one of our longstanding traditions here at Camp Skyline. We have three camper clubs: Mounties (red), Rangers (blue), and Troopers (green).

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Once a camper’s in a club that’s their club for life! If they have sisters, daughters, or grandchildren that come to Skyline they can choose to be in that club, too. My mom was a Skyline camper many years ago (but don’t tell her I said that) and was a proud Trooper. So when I came to camp I got to be a Trooper just like my mom! The first day of every session camp gathers in the gym and the campers split into their clubs. If it’s a campers first time at camp they go to the center of the gym. We then have a special sorting ceremony and they’re placed into their forever club!

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Throughout the session the campers meet in their clubs, learn cheers, and compete in friendly club competitions. The clubs provide a great opportunity for campers to bond with girls outside of their cabin and age group. They grow in sportsmanship, leadership, and communication all while wearing face paint, tutus, and throwing socks at one another! Check out our Facebook and Instagram this week as we celebrate each club!

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