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Dear Camp Skyline families,

For the record, this is the 5th time I’ve written this blog. No matter where you look, there’s plenty of information regarding the Coronavirus for everyone and the one thing they all have in common is, it will change before the day is over. This is not a blog about the virus and what you should be doing to protect yourself (other than listen to the CDC and not social media). Rather, its about what we can do with the new “normal” we all seem to be facing for the next few weeks.

We know how important camp is to you and your children and we, at Camp Skyline are preparing for every conceivable outcome from our daily reports from the CDC. While we are in this period “hold and wait” or “social distancing” there are things you can do as a family to help reduce the anxiety that will effect your family and society. Take the extra time to do things with one another. While we all need to practice social distancing, you can always take this time to teach your child to cook, sew, have family game night (my children loved this when they were young and we have already had one this weekend. Sally won) or even playing cards.

Its a great time for our children to learn how to check the oil or change a tire on a car. These are all lost arts of what I call “common sense” that your children need and will use later in life. They’ll appreciate the new skills they learned during this “down time” and it lets them focus on learning something positive.

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A silver lining to this pandemic is seeing people reconnect as members of our community. Here in Mentone, people are helping out by shopping for those that might not be able to get out. Camp had a cooler of food we donated to one of the local schools as they are still preparing meals for students that depend on them. There are ways to be helpful and reduce the anxiety, all you have to do is look.

Even though the next few weeks are full of uncertainty, there’s nothing that says we can’t make them educational, productive and meaningful for those we love. All it takes is a little caring and common sense.

We at Skyline are still preparing for summer camp and will continue to do so with the understanding that the safety of our campers, camp families and staff is of the upmost importance. As the facts change we will continue to adapt our plans as suggested by the CDC and keep you informed as we take our commitment to our families and the trust you have in us very seriously.

In the meantime, lets find ways to take care of our families, ourselves and each other.

Take care and God bless,


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