Happy Friday everyone! Here at camp we have created different ways to help combat this quarantine-induced boredom. Throughout the week we have shared ideas, activities, and projects to try! Just in case any of y’all missed out on the fun on social media I’ve posted them below too!

We started this week with a little Finish The Sentence activity. I’ve attached it below, feel free to share your answers with us and other Skyline cuties!

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We celebrated National Crayon Day on Tuesday! We found free downloadable coloring pages from Crayola and took a break to destress and color. You can find the coloring pages here! There’s even a few summer themed pages to get you in the camp spirit!

On Wednesday, Saralee announced the theme for this summer, Bloom! The theme verse is Psalm 1:2-3 so you can already get a head start on memorizing it! We are so excited to dive into the theme deeper this summer and see what God has in store.

We had the special honor of celebrating Ms. Barbara’s birthday on Thursday! Ms. Barbara is a Skyline cutie through and through! She is an alum and part of the Skyline Foundation. We love you Ms. Barbara(from a safe distance)! We, also, asked our campers how they were spreading positivity during this time and we got lots of great ideas and creative answers. Many girls are sending snail mail to their loved ones, finding ways to share their gratitude with healthcare workers, and baking for their families and neighbors! How are you spreading positivity this week?

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The hunt for the Golden Horseshoe has officially ended! We gave two more clues for the horseshoe this week and a Ranger, Nancy Newman, ‘found’ it at the Dining Hall Bell. Coincidentally when someone finds the horseshoe at camp they celebrate by ringing the very same bell and cheering for their club. Way to go Nancy and way to go Rangers!

We pray that you and your families are well and safe!

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