Join us as we use SOAPS to go through the book of James. This Monday Sally, our Owner/Director, started us off by sharing what she learned from James 2:14-26. On Wednesday Ruth,one of our Hut Row Head Counselors, shared her takeaway from James 3:1-12. We encourage you and your Skyline gal to join along and do your very own SOAPS as we go through James every Monday and Wednesday of the coming weeks.

Sally used a great camp-inspired example to demonstrate her takeaway from James 2:18. Check out her video to find out what it was!

Ruth shared a great application for her verse James 3:5. Watch the video to hear her takeaway!

We are so excited to share these SOAPS as we go through James! Stay tuned for next week as we go through James 3:13-18 on Monday and James 4:1-12 on Wednesday. Remember that the final ‘S’ in SOAPS stands for Share, so make sure you’re sharing with a family member or friend!

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