Camp friends are the best friends! This summer is my 16th summer at Skyline, you might be thinking, “Wow that’s a long time!” My friends from home and school think so, too. Whether I am around Montgomery, my hometown, or in Tuscaloosa, where I just graduated from college, I can find a camp friend just about everywhere I go! My non-camp friends will see me talking to someone new and automatically assume it’s someone from camp because they know how much I love my camp friends!

With 10 summers as a camper and 5 as a counselor, this brings lots of memories and friends. Staying in touch with my old counselors from when I was six through sixteen and keeping up with my incredible campers from over the years is one of my favorite things to do. This is pretty simple, you can usually find just about anyone on social media! Not only my counselors and my campers, but I am still close with so many of my camp friends from throughout the years.

When I was a camper 4 of my best camp friends lived in Birmingham, Alexander City and Pensacola. We texted each other 24/7 and we video chatted just about every day after school. A few times each school year, our moms would help us organize a trip and we would stay with our 2 friends in Birmingham! Even if you live too far from your camp friends to visit during the school year, texting and social media help everyone keep in touch! If you don’t have a phone or social media, you can always keep up with your camp friends through snail mail, my favorite!!

Those are just a few ways that I have kept up with my camp friends over the many many years. If you have any other fun ways that you have kept up with camp friends, I would love to hear them! TODAY, I challenge you to reach out to a camp friend you haven’t talked to in a while!!