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Since March all of our lives have been very different, I had no idea that COVID-19 would change so many things for everyone in such a short time. Since March I have, also, seen so many different people give back to their communities.

One story in particular comes from Tuscaloosa, AL where two of our precious campers have been raising money to feed those in need. They simply wanted to feed 150 families in June by creating and selling beaded bracelets. They definitely hit their goal and were able to feed 1,200 families! They created Skyline bracelets for all of us here at camp and can create anything for you as well. Check these precious girls out on instagram @janeandmarydesigns.

Some ideas for giving back or doing something fun in your community can be so simple.

  • Write a letter to someone.

  • Offer to pick up groceries for someone who is at risk or elderly.

  • Make a friend lunch.

  • Help neighbors with yard work.

All of these things are so simple and can brighten someone’s day!

Something fun we’ve been doing at camp to help with a project in our community, is picket painting. The Mentone Educational Resource Foundation is a non-profit that helps the community in different ways. They host senior lunches during the week, tutor children at the local school, provide fields trips for the local school, and more. They are currently in the process of revitalizing their walking track by their headquarters, the MERF house. People in the community are helping paint pickets for the fence that will go up around the walking track. We have enjoyed getting to go spend a few mornings at the MERF house, tapping into our creativity and painting multiple pickets for this new walking track.

I encourage you to get out in your community, be apart of something fun or help a friend in need!