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Merry Christmas in July Eve Eve! This Sunday we would have been celebrating Christmas in July with our 3rd Session campers. Although our halls are a little less decked this summer we still plan on keeping the Christmas spirit alive and well here at Camp Skyline! We have a few fun ideas that you can try out in your home, too.

  • Gather up the family and read the Christmas Story! Sometimes we forget that this part of the Bible’s applicable all year and not just during one season.

  • Make Christmas cookies (they’re always in season, too)!

  • Play Secret Santa with your family or friends! Here at Skyline, campers play Secret Santa with their cabinmates. They anonymously exchange sweet notes and acts of kindness with one another until they reveal their Secret Santa on Christmas morning.

  • Decorate a tree or houseplant with ornaments to get the house in the Christmas spirit. You can even make your own ornaments or paper snowflakes!

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Check out this video from our Christmas Eve celebration last summer for more fun ideas! We hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy Rest of Your July!