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We love playing games at camp, especially card games! Card games are an easy way to involve a lot of people. They’re, also, a great rainy day activity to do with campers. Now that the weather’s changing and getting cooler, your kids may not be able to run and play outside like they have been. So, cards might be the perfect thing to keep them occupied while staying warm inside!

Cards are a fun and inexpensive thing to bring to camp that provide multiple uses. Some of our favorite games to play at camp are Nertz, Liverpool Rummy and Hand and Foot.

These are games that we admin have enjoyed playing and ones that have been fun to teach to some of the older campers. Some great games for some of your younger campers might be as simple as Go Fish, Slapjack, and Crazy Eights.

You, also, might need to get your kids moving to use up some of their energy. Cards can be a great workout/physical activity to use with your kids, too!

For every suit, assign an exercise.

Hearts are jumping jacks
Spades are pushups
Diamonds are sit ups
Clubs are squats

Then, for every number pulled is the number of the exercise assigned to the suit that you must do. So, if you pull a 10 of clubs you better get to squatting because you’ve got a set of 10 to do!

For Face cards:
Jacks= 11
Queens = 12
Kings = 13
Aces= 14
Jokers = 20

What’s your family’s favorite card game?