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Since March our lives have looked very different, we were all living a pretty normal life and then abruptly the whole world changed. Kids went to online school, some parents had to work from home, while some were on the frontline and had to work even more. College students never returned back to campus from spring break and we had to adjust the way we live daily to keep our families safe and healthy. Now that it’s September things are starting to change again. Kids are back in school either in classroom, hybrid, or online. College students are back on campus, possibly online, but they are back in a routine of things. Some sports have started back up and hopefully parents are transitioning back to working like normal. During all of this pandemic, I feel like everyone has had to flex different skills they may not be use to. When chatting with some camp parents, realizing how flexible kids have had to be during all of this reminds me of many things they learn at camp.

Camp helps kids in all aspects of life, not only do they come to camp to build relationships, build confidence, and grow in their relationship with God. Camp, also, helps build life skills! From ages 6-16 kids can learn different things at camp to help them become a better person. Two things that come to mind that kids learn at camp, that we have also had to do a lot of during Covid, is being flexible and putting others first.

Everyone needs to learn to be flexible and this is a big one that kids, among everyone else, has had to do during Covid. During camp flexibility is key, when you come to camp by the end of day one campers and counselors will have been flexible in a some way. It can even be a simple thing where we ask our campers to be flexible. It may rain and we have to change the typical daily schedule, a class may be full and a camper has to switch things up. A counselor may have to fill in for someone. Learning how to be flexible will be helpful for the rest of their life. There will most likely be something that doesn’t go as planned, and when you can adjust quickly to the situation you will be thankful that you know how to be flexible.

During Covid we have also had to put others first in a lot of ways, wearing masks in public to not only help you but to help others, changing work schedules, taking grandparents groceries, giving back to your community, making decisions to benefit others, among other things. Camp is this way, we put others first daily. Our campers put others first in line at meal time, in the cabin when sharing space, in activities, in club games, and even at Beli Deli, our snack time. Our counselors constantly put others first, this is something we ask them in the interview process and is a must while working at camp. Each day our counselors are fixing mini campers plates, waking campers up for the day, helping campers get to and from activities, and many other ways. Counselors set the tone and lead by example to show campers how to lead a selfless life.

Camp helps kids be flexible, put others first and adapt to different situations. Although this pandemic might not have been exactly what we had planned for life, every single person has had to be flexible and put others first. We are so thankful that camp gives us the opportunities to show kids and counselors life skills they can take with them for the years to come.