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This September 9th, we honor one of the greatest creatures to grace the Earth, the teddy bear! Happy National Teddy Bear Day, a day dedicated to honor the history of a classic childhood toy. We could not let this holiday go by without appreciating our dear friends, the teddy bears.

Teddy bears have graced the bunks of Camp Skyline since 1947. They serve as a great way to bring a little bit of home to camp. Packing a teddy bear, or really any stuffed animal, is a good tool to combat homesickness, too. If it’s your daughter’s first time at camp, a teddy bear serves as a built-in friend and a snuggly source of comfort. They provide a source of familiarity to ease those first-night-at-camp jitters!

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Even if it’s your daughter’s eighty-seventh time at camp it still doesn’t hurt to bring a teddy bear. You never know when she might want to see a familiar fuzzy face from home! And if your daughter isn’t a huge fan of stuffed animals, I’m sure she has her own version of a teddy bear. That ‘teddy bear’ could be a blanket, a favorite book, a pillow, or a picture of home. Don’t be afraid to put that ‘teddy bear’ in the trunk,too, so she can take a little piece of home with her to camp!

We hope you and yours have a very Happy National Teddy Bear Day(be sure to give them a squeeze from Camp Skyline)!

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