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I’m not sure about you, but a change of season gets me excited and actually makes me begin new activities or restart neglected ones. Some of those for me are walking daily, eating healthier, reading a good book and committing to a bible study. With this crazy time in our life all of these things are so important. So my plan this fall (and I hope you will join me) is to breathe in the fresh air on a walk each day and then spend quality time with Jesus.

I’ve chosen The Beatitudes by John Scott for my Bible Study. Having a booklet to go by and to write in keeps me accountable and allows me to stay focused on the theme. This is an 8 week study on developing spiritual character. I like how the author states, “Christians are what human life and human community look like when they come under the gracious rule of God. Different!”. We will set ourselves apart from non-christians by trying to live like Jesus and having a christian value-system. It doesn’t mean we will be perfect. The Beatitudes are blessings given to us and it’s just up to us to live as close to the mark as humanly possible with God’s free grace.

The Sermon on the Mount can be found in Mathew’s gospel towards the beginning of Jesus’ public ministry, Chapter 5-7. The Beatitudes are in Chapter 5 and can be divided into 8 days/weeks to really dive into the 8 blessings that will help you reconfirm your spiritual character. I encourage you to order the booklet online, The Beatitudes, and join me as I begin this fall with my new routine!