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  1. Intentional time with family and friends
  2. Time to explore nature and God’s beautiful creation
  3. Meeting new wonderful people
  4. Time to work on myself physically, mentally, and spiritually
  5. Improving my cooking abilities
  6. Developing new skills/hobbies (I learned how to play chess and am working on golf!)
  7. Catching up on a lot of good shows
  8. Time to enjoy the simple things
  9. More cuddles with my dog
  10. Time to reflect and just be still
  11. My health
  12. My family and friends’ health
  13. People that are willing to sacrifice their own health and wellbeing to help others
  14. Surviving skydiving (yay!)
  15. A great job (Woot Woot Camp Skyline!)
  16. Reconnecting with people in new ways
  17. The unexpected freedom granted by quarantine
  18. Being able to connect with people virtually
  19. To live in a beautiful secluded place like Mentone
  20. Deeper appreciation for all I have been blessed with

Amidst the crazy year we have had and as much as the global pandemic has taken away, I’m sure we can all pause and reflect on some of the things we have gained from 2020.

What do you have to be thankful for this year?