Thrilling adventures are all around camp and we only have 141 days until you are here with us this Summer!

We have a new adventure waiting on you when you arrive and it’s located on our Ropes Course. We recently got a new V-Swing along with 3 new elements. Both Ropes 1 and Ropes 2 classes will be able to participate in this new attraction.

The V-swing is located in the same area of camp it originally was just set up in a different way. The cargo net that you climb up is still the first obstacle you embark on. Once you arrive at the top of the platform you are hooked into a continuous belay system. There’s three elements before getting to the actual swing that you journey across. The first is a long 2x4 plank that you walk across like a balance beam in the air. The second is a long ladder wooded walking plank. The third element is a bit more tricky with swinging planks that are criss-crossed, this element is challenging, but a lot of fun. Lastly, you sit and take a ride off the new swing which is higher than the previous one!

A few weeks ago a group of campers who would have aged out of camp in 2020 got to come up to camp for the weekend. These girls were able to try out the new V-swing and all the fun it has to offer while practicing CDC recommended Covid protocols. We can’t wait for you to come try out the new V-swing this summer!