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Counselors are a huge part of what makes Skyline so special. We are blessed in numerous ways by our staff and how they continuously serve our campers. We seek to hire young women who are fun, love the Lord and seek to help us live out our mission, “Enriching young girls in God, relationships, and self.”

While we are in the midst of hiring counselors we wanted to highlight one of our previous counselors, Caroline Walden. Caroline graduated from the University of Alabama in May of 2019 and now works full time for Young Life staff in Johns Creek Georgia. Caroline was a counselor for 3 years and was one of our Riverside heads in 2019. We asked Caroline to answer a few questions about her time here at Skyline and why camp is so special to her.

What’s your favorite memory from working at camp?

My favorite memories at camp are all of the late nights spent in Riverside with my campers & co-counselors! Some of my favorite conversations and laughs EVER have been on nights spent around that campfire, rocking on the Riverside porch, and sitting on the floors of campers rooms. Truly the sweetest memories with some of my favorite people!

What would you say to someone who is thinking about applying to work at camp?

Camp is the BEST! There is no better way you could spend your summer than working at Camp Skyline. Some of my most cherished friendships and favorite memories have been spent on the mountain- whether that be riding mountain bikes, eating donuts on Sundays, singing around the campfire, braiding hair, nights out with co-counselors, sweet conversations with campers about the good & the hard- every hour at camp is well spent. Not only will you change the lives of so many girls, they will change yours for the better! Put all of your hesitations aside and just DO IT- you won’t regret it.

Why did you love working at Skyline?

I loved working at camp because it’s the clearest glimpse of pure JOY! I’ve never laughed louder, played harder, experienced Jesus or built more authentic friendships like I have at Camp Skyline. At camp JOY is felt from the moment you wake your campers up in the morning until you say prayers with them at night- I would not be who I am today if it weren’t for my summers spent at Skyline.

We are still taking applications for senior counselors, photographers, and videographers. Please visit this link to apply if interested and share it with others who you think would be great additions to our staff!

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