Only 72 days till camp is back in full swing and we could not be more excited! To get you more pumped for camp, we wanted to shout out a few of our returning staff this summer. We asked them why they love working at Camp Skyline and why others should apply, take a look at their answers!

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Madie Perreault was a long time camper at Camp Skyline and her mom was, too. She grew up in Little Rock, Arkansas and is in her second year at the University of Georgia studying Human Development and Family Sciences with an intent in pursuing a career in Occupational Therapy.

When I asked Madie what she would say to someone thinking about applying to camp, she said “Applying to be a counselor at Skyline is one of the best decisions I have ever made. It really is a one of a kind experience that everyone can benefit from. You get to spend a summer pouring into campers and in return you get poured back into by the staff. So many times when you hear about working at summer camps, people talk about how you get to inspire and be role models for the campers. This is very true, but what is less commonly talked about is the affect the campers have on you. You get inspired by your campers, learn new things about yourself, learn new perspectives on life, and get to grow your relationship with Christ in a fun and inviting environment. My summers spent as a camper and especially a counselor at Skyline have been some of my most memorable and rewarding summers.”

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Anna Kate Saucier is from Chattanooga, Tennessee and is a third year Nursing Student at Samford University. This will be her second summer on staff and we are so grateful to have her back!

When we asked what she was most looking forward to this summer she said, “I love getting to see campers from past years and catch up, since I only get to see them at summer camp! I’m looking forward to hearing about how they have grown in their relationship with God over the past year, or 2 years in this case!

Anna Kate also loves “the first night of camp, when everyone is getting to know each other, we have all settled into the cabin and are excited about spending the next 2 weeks together!”

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Serving as one of our Hut Row head counselors for this summer is Amelia Rosler. Amelia is originially from Huntsville, Alabama and is Pre-Med at the University of Tennessee. Amelia and her mom were both campers!

Amelia shared with us that one of the reason she loves working at Skyline is “because I don’t think there is another job out there where you have bosses and coworkers that care about you as much as they do at Skyline.”

“Working at Skyline is an indescribable experience. It is the most rewarding experience I think any college age girl can have. You build a team of life long supporters and friends, while also enriching young girls’ lifes by giving them the freedom to grow and have so much fun! Take the leap of faith and apply! You won’t regret it.”

We are so grateful to have counselors that love their job so much. We are looking forward to having these counselors back for summer 2021 and for your campers to get to learn from these amazing women! If you, or someone you know is interested in working at Skyline this summer, we are still taking applicaitons for counselors, photographers and videographers. Please visit our website to learn more!