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We are just a few months away from pulling out those trunks and packing all the must haves for summer camp. Here are a few tips on packing essentials you will need to help the move in process run smoothly at Camp.

Packing as much as possible in your trunk. You can find a trunk here. When packing daily outfits, we suggest putting them in ziplock bags with the day of the week or nighttime activity labeled on the outside. This is especially helpful for the younger campers. Nighttime activities can be found on our website

Additional things to think about while packing for this summer- Try to pack as many things in as few bags as possible. Ex; putting all towels, sheets, and pillows in a laundry bag and all clothing items in a trunk. Limiting the amount of loose items that you typically bring reduces the number of trips to the car and the likelihood of leaving your belongings behind.

Putting your child’s name or initials on all items you bring to camp is a great way to help ensure that your child returns home with all her belongings. We recommend the best way is putting both first and last name on the labels. From clothes, to shoes, to flashlights you can use a sharpie marker or purchase clothes labels like these. You also can go to our resources page for more suggestions on where to find commonly used camp necessities.

Other helpful items to bring to camp. Shower Caddy for all toiletry items. Shoe organizer with command hooks or over the door hooks. This makes storing everyday items like shoes, flashlight, stationary, bible, and others things easily and quickly accessible.

To find our packing list for a mini session or a two week session, click this link. Be on the lookout for our parent handbook that will be arriving via mail in the next few weeks that will give more details on our new checkin process for this summer!