As summer gets closer and closer, we get more and more excited to see campers back on the mountain! And since the summer is fast approaching(only 65 days till first session) we thought we’d share a few tips and tricks to prepare your daughter for camp!

Sleepovers! Prepare her for going away by encouraging her to spend a night or weekend with relatives or friends prior to camp. You can an even treat it like a mini camp and give her a packing list for her to pack a “trunk” for the weekend.

Show her camp! We have lots of pictures on our social media pages and videos on our Youtube channel to check out! We find that lots of girls get more excited for camp once they’ve seen it. Even better you can come tour camp prior to the summer just to schedule a time.

Make sure she knows how to make her bed! Every morning at camp the girls are responsible for making their own bed. This is an easy one to practice and teach at home. While practicing make sure you talk to your daughter about camp and what the day-to-day schedule looks like. This will both prepare her for camp and get her excited. Also, if she doesn’t already make her own bed what better time to start!

You can check out more ways to prepare your daughter for camp here. See you in 65 days!