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A worn out and tired Helloooo to ya parents!! Not only is it day 5 (can you believe how quickly this session is flying by??) but I spent most of the afternoon rappelling and climbing with the CSR class and I gotta be honest, for some reason, I’m starting to feel a little tired. Sally said it was my age but I think we all know better than that!! I told her, “you gonna believe me or your lying eyes??” Anyway, I can promise ya one thing, as well as I’m gonna sleep tonight, the campers have already beat me to it. As I made my way to the office tonight to write the news, all you could hear was the sounds of crickets as I passed every cabin! They all had their lights out and everyone was sound asleep!

They all have good reasons to be catching some serious zzzz’s tonight as they’ve had almost a full week of classes and activities. All ya gotta do is check out the pics or the video today and you can tell that, even in the rain we had, our campers stayed true to course and kept on playing. Didn’t matter if they were on the river, ropes course or tennis courts, they kept on playing and enjoying the liquid sunshine.

I really like this time of camp (other than being out of shape and tired) ‘cause when you check out the arts and crafts area you can see their projects really starting to come together. The ladies in pottery class are getting their projects ready to head to the kiln and I’m amazed when I see what the campers in painting class are doing now. You will be too when you see them on closing day!

The mountain biking class made their way this morning to one of their favorite destinations in Mentone, the alpaca farm. Once they get there, they get to check out the alpaca’s and make some new furry friends! Like I said before, the CSR class had their first off camp trip and made or way to some great rock areas to put our skills to the test as we went up and down several different areas of the rock face.

Now after all that action today, can you believe we had more planned for everyone tonight? The campers played our version of “Candy Crush”. No, it ain’t the game so many of y’all play on your phones. Our version involves them getting into their cabin groups and making their way around camp to different areas where counselors will be waitin’ with balloons the campers are trying to get. All they have to do is perform a “simple” and silly task the counselor will ask the group to do and they get the balloon (with a secret point value inside) and then they’re off to find the next counselor waiting with the next task. But on their way they may run into some counselors “bandits” that will ask them to do similar task but may take one of their ballots or, unbeknownst to the campers, give them a balloon that may have a negative point value. (it’s getting where you can’t trust anyone these days!!!). Once they get to all the areas where the counselors are waiting, they all head back to the gym and get to pop their balloons and find out their total point value. The cabin with the highest point value is the winner.

As you can imagine, the fun part of the night is making their way together and finding out what silly task they have waiting one them! (heck, even I don’t know what they’re gonna have to do so I’m as surprised as they are!). Another funny part is watching how the campers make their way once they start collecting all their balloons and have to take them with them.

Tomorrow night we’re planning our camp wide dance out under the stars and lights of our tennis courts. As I’ve been watching the weather for tomorrow, we’ll see what happens and I’ll be sure to let y’all know.

One little bit of “housekeeping” I need to to take care of before we all head off to bed is for those parents of our Mini campers. If your camper is a mini camper, you’ll need to get any last minute emails to them by 9AM Central time tomorrow (Friday) for them to get them. We won’t be able to deliver any emails that are sent after 9AM Friday before you see them on Mini pick up day (Saturday).

Speaking of Mini pick up day, I gotta warn some of ya’ll. I know you guys are eager to get here and see your camper, and they’ll be happy to see y’all….. but folks, just trust me on this one. That doesn’t always mean they’ll be happy to be leaving their new friends they’ve made this past week while they’re here at camp. Just wait, some of y’all will see…..

Well, thats about all I got for tonight folks. I hope you enjoyed your day as much as your camper did, but I don’t think thats really possible.(unless you played in the rain today too?)

You guys get some more rest and I’ll let ya know tomorrow night how the dance went under the stars!

Go catch some zzzz’s….. I know I am!!