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Howdy parents! (that’s mountain talk for “hello” to all you flat landers),

Last night I talked about the cooler temps we had during the day and when I finally finished the Roost last night (may have been a record, it’s way before midnight for once!!) I walked out of the office to head home and I couldn’t believe how cool it was! The temps apparently continued to drop throughout the night and this morning when I walked outside, it was a crisp 56 degrees!! Like I said last night, I promise ya, your campers were sleeping as snug as a bug in a rug with the cool night air!!

Anyway, once everyone did wake up and make their way to morning watch for the days devotion and then to breakfast, you could tell the cool air had put a little extra pep in their step as they were all fired up and ready to get after another full day of a activities. After breakfast and cabin clean up (yes moms… the girls clean their cabins and make their beds everyday!), it was time for club meetings and then off to classes. If ya look through all the pics (and who doesn’t?) you can see the cooking class was busy today making all sorts of goodies. I just got to remember to stop in there tomorrow at the end of one of their classes and see if I can get a “complimentary sample” of some of their work!! I’ll let ya know how it goes!

With the clear and sunny skies, it didn’t take long for the temps to warm back up (that was good news for the girls in swimming class!) and everyone enjoyed some nice cold Frios pops or a snack at Beli Deli. Even with the sun out, it wasn’t too hot and was perfect for our mountain biking class and their out of camp trip they took today. We sent a camera with them but unfortunately, we didn’t get it back in time for today’s pics so we’ll have them for you to see tomorrow.

After a delicious lunch and a much appreciated rest hour (more on how I know it was much appreciated later) it was time for the afternoon classes and apparently the campers took advantage of rest hour ‘cause when they all came back for the afternoon classes they were ready to go! Our caving, survival and rappelling class got their last day of practice on the tower learning how to “traverse an edge” which means going from the vertical part of rope climbing to getting over the edge at the top to the horizontal edge. One of the more difficult things they’ll have to do this session. This will be helpful tomorrow as we take our first out of camp trip to rappel and climb some rock faces not too far from camp. We’ll have some pics for ya when we get back so be sure and check them out.

Well you know these girls burn some calories going through all these activities (….heck, even I think I may have burned a calorie or two today with everything I was doing), it was time for dinner. Now that’s a treat in itself but when the kitchen staff rolled out the dessert they call “Cookie Brownie” (chocolate chip brownie squares) those girls went crazy and put everyone on notice they still had plenty of energy to spare heading into the nighttime activity.

Tonight we played Candy Crush where each cabin went around to different spots where counselors were waiting for them with a silly task and balloons that had hidden point values in them. I explained it in a little more detail last night so I’ll spare ya all the details again. Bottom line is they all went from counselor to counselor performing all the tasks to collect the balloons (and watching them transport the balloons they had as they collected them was as much fun as the task themselves), they made their way to the gym to pop the balloons and see how many points they had. When they all got together and were told to find their points, all you could hear was the pop pop pop of everyone’s balloons as they tried to pop them every way possible. After all the popping was finished and the points totaled up the final results were…….

3rd place- Trah and Riverside Rooms 11 & 16 (tie)

2nd place- Bevshack

1st place- Beetlebum

It was the perfect ending to a beautiful day full of sun, fun and smiles. I’m pretty sure all those smiles have turned into snores by now ‘cause the temps are cool again and after a full day (or 3 or 4) the campers are having no problems falling to sleep each night. How do I know you ask? (I’m glad you asked…) Remember earlier when I said I’d tell ya how I knew the camper appreciated the rest hour? Well, here ya go…. As everyone was leaving the gym tonight, you couldn’t help but notice the fact there were several small campers pretty much already asleep and doing everything they could to hang on to the back of their counselor as their counselors were toting them out of the gym and to the evening campfire and devotion. Some of the older campers weren’t doing much better as they headed out looking like they might be showing signs of tiredness and a little dropping eyelids. Like I said, I’m pretty sure everyone (except you and me right now) is already fast asleep! (yes…. I am jealous…)

Well, maybe those campers are on to something we should try ourselves. Going to sleep sounds like a dad gum good idea right now and I think we all should try it……I’ll go first!!

Y’all have a good one and we’ll see ya here tomorrow (after a good night’s rest I hope!).