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Happy 4th of July Parents!!! Ok, no need to check your phones to see if you missed some days somewhere, yes, its actually 29 June, but usually 2nd session is 4th of July session snd since we’ll miss it this year, we decided to go ahead and celebrate it early! (theres never a bad day to celebrate America and no need to wait till 4 July either!!). So hang on to your hats ‘cause here we go trying to tell ya all the details of everything that happened up here today but there was so much, it’ll be tough.

First, everyone got to sleep in a little extra this morning and I can tell ya, I really,…… I mean the campers really appreciated it! After a great breakfast we had our flag raising followed by club meeting so the little darlings could get everyone signed up for all the club competitions we had planned for the day (don’t worry…. of course I have the details of who won….just hang on and don’t get ahead if me).

So shortly after the sign ups and as the sun was doing a spectacular job of warming everyone one and everything up this morning, all the clubs headed to the pool for a huge swim meet that put camper vs camper and club vs club as they swam their little hearts out up and down the pool. But it was’n just any kind of swimming they had to do, each race had all sorts of crazy things they had to do while they were swimming. Of course we had the normal swim strokes you’d expect to see, but you guys let me know when the olympics decide to go big time and start using some some of the race versions we had. For example, the swim with a pool noodle relay, the push a beach ball with you head like a seal relay, the paddle in a swim tube relay, the frozen clothes relay and more! I may be going out on a limb, but I don’t think you’d see Michael Phelps trying any of these high risk swim styles!

At the end of the swim meet the winners were announced and here they are….. Troopers 3rd, Mounties 2nd, and the Rockin’ Rangers 1st!! Way to go!!!

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To celebrate a terrific swim meet, we finished with popsicles for everyone followed by fun swim where everyone got to enjoy the pool, the river and of course all the river toys. I’m sure you can find your camper in a pic on the blob, waterslide, lilly pad or just hanging out in the water. It was a prefect way to end a warm morning after all the cheering, yelling and swimming from the competition.

After everyone changed it was time for lunch, theres nothing more patriotic than hot dogs and an picnic as everyone enjoyed their Costco dogs (if ya haven’t ever had a Costco dog you really are missing out!! they’re delicious) and all the other fixins’ out on the ground of camp.

Of course after all the action from the morning and a big lunch, everyone headed off to rest hour and then it was time for our 4th of July parade. The campers lined the road through camp as we had banners from every cabin, club leaders, horses with flags, and even our nurses got in the act. To top it all off, we had some great patriotic music blaring from the speakers in the gym as everyone went past throwing candy out to all the campers that weren’t walking in the parade.

After everyone had time to shower and get all decked out for the biggest competition still to come, it was time for our special flag lowering. Today, after we lowered the flag, we spoke about what our flag stands for and exactly what each fold of a flag means and how its special to our country and beliefs. The girls were really listening and I even had several come up afterwards and ask me some more questions as we were headed to dinner.

After dinner it was time for Speed challenge! This is where all the clubs make their way to the sports field and we have a 3 way relay with the craziest, wackiest, silliest relays you’ve ever seen. They include (but are not limited to, ranked in any order, or even the slightest possibility they even may be mis named or spelled) the monkey toe relay- where they had to run up and get a marble out of a bucket of ice using only their toes, the flaming statue relay- ok, so no real flaming statue, it was actually a plunger with a gold ball on top, the “wrap your partner in a roll of crepe paper relay” (self explanatory), cover your teammate with shaving cream (same), and one of my favorites (just because it reminds me of me each morning) the run up and try to find your other shoe relay!

You can tell from the pics (…..yea…. there’s a LOT of them today!!) that the girls were going all out all day long and I’m pretty sure that has continued until now. They’re all in their beds and they’re all out (ya see what I did there??? yep… I’m reaching that part of tiredness myself)

After all the shoutin’, singin’, relayin’ and cheerin’, the final results of Speed Challenge were…….. (just wondering, do some of y’all still hear that little drum about right now?)….. Troopers 3rd, Rangers 2nd and the Mighty Mounties 1st!!!

Of course we couldn’t finish up a celebration of America and not include fireworks…. so thats what we had last today. All the campers gathered by the ropes course and watched a fantastic, flashy, fiery, fast paced finale with plenty of oooooh’s and aaahhhh’s after every burst!

Its been busy day (for those of y’all that couldn’t tell already) and now everyone is fast asleep getting ready for their last day of classes (can you believe it!!! Where did the time go??). Tomorrow will be a fun day as everyone gets their last rides on the zip line, canoes, circus, horses, you name it. Its also a fast paced day down at the arts and crafts area as all the campers will be putting their finishing touches all their crafts projects.

Well, thats about all I can think of for now, of course ya know I’m forgetting something and it’ll come to me as soon as I walk out of the office. I’ll be sure to tell ya about it tomorrow night……. if I remember.

Y’all have a great night and God Bless the USA!!!!!!