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Welcome back parents!! Then again, I guess it wasn’t you that was gone the last 2 nights! A big thanks to our camp mom Frances for writing The Roost for me the last couple nights. She always has a great one when she presents the same things I usually see, but through a different perspective, “a mom’s eye” that tells such a different story than what I notice throughout the day. I’m sure you guys enjoyed reading her blog as much as I do!

It was great to be back at camp today after being gone yesterday with the caving trip. I gotta tell ya though, for those of y’all that might shake your head at the thought of being underground all day and possibly, just possibly in several “tight spaces”… the pleasure of knowing the temperature will always be right around 57 degrees, even on the hottest June or July day, makes that trip more probable for ya!!

Today was not one of those hot days here on the mountain. We all knew it was gonna be a clear and sunny day, but when we all woke up this morning and headed to morning watch, there was something strange in the air, or more correctly, NOT in the air. The humidity was pretty much all gone and the temps stayed right around 79 all afternoon with a very cool breeze. It was a perfect day at camp. You could tell the campers had a little extra pep in their step as they made their way through the beginning of the day.

That extra energy carried over right into the afternoon but instead of classes, we had something special planned! Today was Color Wars and Speed Challenge. This is where we split the camp into their clubs and headed over to the sports field for some good old fashioned fun with some wild and wacky games and a whole lot of powder for color wars!!

The girls came to the field in their clubs and then cheered their little hearts out as loud as they could. I even had a shop owner in town ask me what we were doing. He said he could hear them cheering all the way to his shop! (told ya they were yellin’ loud). Once we started Speed Challenge, the girls were full throttle forward as they competed in all kinds of different relay races for club points. All ya gotta do is look at those pics and you can see for yourself. We had relays like “monkey toes” where they had to run to the middle of the circle and grab a marble out of a big bowl of ice using just their toes, field hockey sweep, lost shoe relay, over-under relay, and of course the TP relay (remember the lost art of toilet papering someones yard or car…. if ya do then we probably have a lot in common!!) Anyway, back to the info you guys want to know….. at the end of the contest, the results were….. Mounties 1st, Rangers 2nd, and Troopers 3rd!!! Be sure to check out all the pics from this event!

After Speed Challenge we went straight into a 1st session (only) speciality called Color Wars. Each camper had a bag of “color” and when they said go, it was club vs club (which very quickly turned into every camper for themselves) and the object was to get as much color on anyone else. Needless to say the whole sports field turned into a giant canvas of flying colors and yelling. I’m not really sure how they scored this for the clubs since everyone I saw afterwards was COMPLETELY covered in different colors. The good news was after all the color had been used, everyone got to take turns jumping in the river to “wash off” as best they could before heading to their cabins.

Now after all that activity for the day (I’m tired again just thinking about it!), the ladies had a nice BBQ and tater tot dinner before we headed to the gym for our club cheer off (it’s like they didn’t quite get enough cheering and yelling all throughout the afternoon….). Even though I decided to skip the cheer off to try and get an early start on tonights news, I could easily hear them in my office throughout the whole night (no matter how loud I turned up the TV to try and drown them out. Hey…. Raiders of the Lost Ark was on, I couldn’t help it….). After some very coordinated and well organized cheers (they only had about 45 minutes to put all this together and then perform) the final results were….. Rangers 1st, Troopers 2nd and Mounties 3rd!! I’ll bet ya my cup of coffee in the morning that its a quiet night in the cabins tonight, I just don’t see how any of them have any voices left by now!!

Tomorrow marks our last day of regular classes (can you believe its almost over!! Where has the time gone?), everyone will be out getting in their last rides on their favorite horses, zip line, circus swings or taking that last shot at a bullseye in Archery or Riflery. Our caving class will take another quick out of camp trip and head back underground in another cave that’s close by camp……and 57 degrees!

I’ll be back tomorrow night with our last blog of the session (I still can’t believe its almost over!) and fill ya in with all the final day’s information that you’ll need to know to keep up with everything they’re doing during that time.

Well, you guys have almost made it through. Your camper would be so proud of you for keeping up with all the updates online and being able to do it without their help!! I can’t wait for them to see how well you’ve done! They’ll be so proud!

You guys have a great night, get some rest. The session may almost be over, but there’s still a whole lot of activity to go before we wrap this sucker up. Just hang in there and try to finish strong and make your camper proud!!

Oh yeah… before I forget, WALDO is an amazing program and it does a good job of finding your camper, but in Speed Challenge, your camper may be covered with toilet paper, shaving cream and all sorts of other stuff so you might want to take a peek at all the pics. Same if your camper went caving, sometimes they get a little muddy and you have to find them yourself.

Have a good one, go find your camper (there’s LOTS of pics today), I’m goin’ to hit the bed!!!