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Happy Friday to ya parents! Its been another great day up here today. The clouds stayed over us most of the day and kept the temps pretty cool throughout the day. Don’t worry though, looking at the future weather, summer is coming next week!! Looks like it may be a good time to go hang out with the swimming and canoeing classes if ya know what I mean!!

Before I go any farther, I gott tell ya the breaking news…… The TROOPERS found the golden horseshoe that is hidden in camp each year!! Thats some major points for their club as they make a charge up the ranks and close in to the lead!! Way to go girls!!!

Well we wrapped up the week in grand style today as everyone was still bouncing around in all their activities. Although we did have alit bit of thunder during 6th period, those classes that weren’t able to go out and play still were able to find other locations like the gym and play all sorts of games and of course have a dance session while they were in the gym. (I’m pretty sure at a girls camp, having a dance session anytime they get together is required….).

One of the classes that wasn’t affected at all by any thunder was cooking class. Let me start off by saying yesterday, I went into the cooking class building and there was this wonderful spicy smell. Well, you know I just had to find out what it was, so when I made my way into one of the kitchens they were making some amazing smelling tacos. Notice I said there were amazing SMELLING tacos…. I can only assume they tasted just as good since no one was willing to give up their taco for me to try. Back to today… Late in the afternoon, I noticed these campers walking around with some pastries that looked delicious. They had a golden crust and some red filling just oozing out of the sides. When I asked about them they said they had made cherry turnovers and they looked delicious. Notice how I said they LOOKED delicious….yep, you know the rest of the story. I guess they tasted delicious too since no on offered up any of their turnovers either.

Tonight was a new event for us here at Skyline. Even thought was dance night and we’ve had plenty of those in the past. This was the first night we had one without the boys from Camp Laney joining us. Folks, let me tell ya, you couldn’t tell any difference at all. Those girls got out on the tennis courts under the lights and stars and just danced away (maybe thats why they were warming up in the gym during the thunder?). They played a little bit of everything and all the campers were moving and shaking all night. Some of them needed a little break and took to adding to the chalk art they had been working on all day on the courts.

Tomorrow will be a regular day in camp except for the fact we’ll have to say good bye to our mini campers as they head home. Its gonna be sad to watch all the little guys leave, we sure have enjoyed having them here with us this week. The rest of the girls will be back out in their classes and activities (maybe I’ll sneak over to cooking class and be more successful tomorrow!) and pick up right where we left off today.

Since its been such a busy week, and everyone spent all their energy tonight dancing, we’re gonna slow things down just a bit tomorrow night and enjoy Movie Night in the gym. Now when I say slow things down, I really mean “were gonna get a little relaxation time”. To do this, all the girls will come to dinner in their PJ’s and after dinner everyone will head to the gym in the PJs with their pillows and some may even bring their blankets or sleeping bags. We’ll spread out all across the gym floor and get comfortable to enjoy the show. Now I know what your thinking…. You can’t have a movie and not have popcorn!! Yep, I was thinking the same thing! So before everyone gets all tucked in and comfortable, they’ll each get their own bag of freshly popped pop corn to get settled and enjoy the movie.

After seeing how tired some of the campers (ok… and me) were after last night, AND another 2 days of activities, AND all the action from dancing tonight….. I’ll be surprised if theres more than just a handful that are still awake by the end of the movie. Since their in the gym and it’s open air, as were watching the movie we’ll also be enjoying the cool mountain air, some crickets and an occasional firefly or two. yea… you getting sleepy yet just reading about it? I am!

We’ll you guys are doing great keeping up with everything thats going on up here. You’re almost half way through the session so at least you got that going for ya. I hope y’all can keep it going and keep up with the campers as they get ready to start their second week. They’re gonna need the rest tomorrow night though, ‘cause next week will be full of fun in all the activities while the arts and crafts campers will be working hard to finish their projects as well as the musical theatre class memorizing their songs as they get ready for their performance on the last day. Theres still a lot to do so you guys better get your rest too!!

Well see ya tomorrow night, so get some rest…some of y’all are looking a little tired too.


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