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Happy Saturday to ya parents!!!

It was a sad and happy day up here today as we said good bye to all our mini campers. Like I mentioned last night, there were glad to see their parents, but there were some of those little rascals that weren’t too happy about leaving. All in all, it was a great morning as they got to tell their parents all the things they have done in the last week. You could see them smiling ear to ear and I have no doubt, many (if not all) of them were fast asleep again before their parents got down the mountain!! Have a great summer little guys, we miss y’all!!!!

Now the rest fo the campers were right back in the swing of things as they made their way around camp to their classes. The circus class got an extra cloud swing hung up because those girls are doing so well they’re just flying through the tricks in the air and needed the extra swing to keep everything going smoothly. I’m sure you’ll see some pics next week of both cloud swings going and even more campers up in the air. One of the best parts about the “competition” at camp is how har these girls actually do go to be better each day. You can always hear a camper out at circus yelling “circus is better than ropes!!!” to the campers in the ropes course class just across the field. Which, in turn will always be echo’ed by a “Ropes is better than circus!!!” from one of the camper in a ropes class this period. I’m not sure which one may even be “better” but those girls are just wanting to let the other ones know how hard their working and playing in each activity!

Some exciting news today was that the Rangers found the golden horseshoe thats always hidden in camp each session. The funny thing is we haven’t even given out any clues yet as to where is was hidden, they just happen to be in the right spot at the right time! In as many years as I’ve been around, I don’t think I’ve ever seen the horseshoe found before any clues are given out! This truly was an incredible happening and congratulations to the Rockin’ Rangers for finding it and racking up some points in the club challenge. Way to go girls!!

Tonight as the temps cooled down everyone made their way out to the tennis courts fir our dance under the stars. The theme this session was Skyline ho down and you can tell there were plenty of campers and counselors decked out in their cowgirl duds including some mighty fancy hats! Everyone had a great time and I think We may have set some kind of record for the longest conga line I’ve ever seen! It went on forever as almost every camper and counselor got into the thick of it and jumped in line and started dancing away!

Tomorrow is a special day up here on the mountain as we celebrate our Sunday by letting everyone sleep in a little later and then enjoy a breakfast of homemade doughnuts with fruit, eggs, biscuits, bacon, cereal and more! You know If I’m coming to breakfast, there’ll be plenty of coffee too! (truth be told, I’ll have plenty of coffee long before I even make it to breakfast….. Sally says it just safer for everyone if I do that…… not really sure how to take that!)

After breakfast, we’ll have cabin clean up followed by Sunday School and then our special church service. One of the reasons it’s so special is were having our very special guest at camp again, Aja Grimes. Aja was a counselor, head counselor, and admin here at Skyline several years ago and there’s no one better to help spread Gods word to tour campers than Aja. She loves camp and she loves the campers. she’s just the kind of person that lights up a room and can talk to anyone when she gets here and she always has some special dance or routine when she comes to visit and seek at camp. We can’t wait to hear what she says tomorrow and see what she teaches everyone during her session.

After church it’ll be time for lunch and ya know we’re gonna have a special Sunday lunch for everyone. It’ll look like a Thanksgiving spread when we all sit down for lunch and thats good, were gonna need it for all the action afterwards.

After lunch and rest hour (we GOTTA have rest hour to let our food settle) we’ll have a big carnival with all sorts of games, face painting, popcorn, and snacks. the older campers of RIverside will also be able to go down to the river and have a “fun swim” on all the toys like the blob, lilly pads and of course the water slide. It’l be a fun afternoon and there’s plenty of pictures and videos just waiting to be shot so you guys playing along at home can see too!

To wrap up the day, we’ll have our counselor hunt. This is where all the campers will put on their best camo and do their best no to get found by any of the campers. If they are found, the camper gets to bring them back on the walk of shame to the gym and find out how many points they’re worth. After its all over the club with the highest point total wins. The best part of the game is if a camper finds a counselor, they get to take that counselor home with them at the end of camp! (just kidding, I wanted to see how many of y’all were still awake out there!). Trust me, your campers won’t leave a rock unturned or a trash can un searched as they look everywhere for those counselors tomorrow night!

Well it’s been a great first week and theres no better way to wrap things up than getting a good night sleep before a Sunday full of wonderful speakers, events and searching for counselors. I think I’d better get some rest too so I can keep up with everyone tomorrow. You guys take your time looking through the pics and watching the video, I’m gonna call it a night!

Have a good one, I’m outta here