Well howdy parents! Welcome back to camp news (or camp blog as they call it these days). It was an exciting day up here on the mountain as all the campers were busy in their first day of classes. We did have a few little rain showers here and there during the day, but none lasted more than a minute or two and they never halted any of the action of the activities. As a matter of fact when the campers in my CSR (Caving,Survival,and Rappelling,) class were busy climbing and rappelling the ropes on the tower, one of those mentioned showers decided to drop in on us and not one camper so much as even ducked their head or looked for cover! Every one of them stayed in the rain and kept on climbing and rappelling as if nothing was happening! This is gonna be a great class with some fun people!!! I’ll keep ya updated on how it’s going!!

Now for the rest of camp, I’d say they were pretty busy too. They were learning all about the horses for the first time, the campers down in Arts and Crafts and Pottery were busy laying out their projects to work on this session, campers in canoeing were learning all the different strokes before they hopped in the canoes and put their skills to the test in the water. See…. I said it was a busy day, everyone on the mountain hit the ground running this morning from the wake up bell till our night time campfire and devotion.

Speaking of wake up bell, soon after everyone heard that this morning it was off to morning watch for the daily devotion. Then it was time to head to the dining hall for a breakfast that would make your tongue slap your brain. Eggs, biscuits, gravy, grits, fresh fruit, cereal, and more. I mean, this meal would have made Waffle House jealous!

After breakfast it was time for club meetings (don’t forget about knowing which club your camper is in by her shirt color in yesterday’s photos) and then off to all their activities. We’ve already talked about some of the busy activities I saw today, if you want to know which classes your camper signed up for just hang in there. You should soon be getting a postcard from your camper that will have their class schedule as well as which club they’re in. Now please understand, when we say “soon” and we’re talking about the mail up here on the mountain, that may differ from what some of y’all in the bigger cities are used to. Just be patient and it’ll get to ya maybe one day, maybe it’ll be another. Just know it is on its way and it WILL arrive.

After a full morning of classes with a little rain mixed in here and there, it was lunch time and then my favorite time of day….REST HOUR!!! (which seems to last for about 12-15 minutes tops!!). Then it was back to the classes and dinner before all the clubs got together for SOCK WARS!

This is a 3D version of capture the flag and dodgeball except you’ve got 3 teams, they’re all throwing stuffed socks at one another (Don’t worry moms, we supply the socks and the stuffings, so they’re not using their own….or at least I HOPE they’re not using their own socks!!). The goal is for each club to make their way through camp and look for the other club’s flags in their area of camp without being “tagged” by a stuffed sockthat was thrown by a camper in a different club. The good news is you have your own stuffed socks and you can use them to battle your way into enemy territory to look for the club flags (as long as you have a hand full of socks on ya!!). Once you have been tagged by a sock that was thrown by another camper, you have to drop half your socks and make your way to the scorer;s table to report you’ve been hit and then your right back in the game. I probably didn’t do this game justice in my description ’cause I didn’t mention all the yelling, screaming and cheering that goes on while they’re chasing each other with their stuffed socks. But you may be able to see in the video how excited they are to play this game and earn points for their clubs. After a full night of sock throwing (and probably now sore arms) the final results were………….…… (you hear that little drum roll in your head? …… I bet you did!!) MOUNTIES 1st, RANGERS 2nd, and TROOPERS 3rd!! Way to go girls!!

Now after all the excitement of first day of classes and then Sock War tonight (or actually “last night by the time I’m getting around to typing this) were goanna slow things down little tomorrow night and let everyone have some down time and get their legs back under them.

Tomorrow night will be Talent night where we’ll have some of the best talent this side of the Continental divide we’ll be on our stage. We’ll all gather throughout the gym and be entertained to some amazing dancing, singing, gymnastics, guitar playing and more! Don’t worry folks, we’ll be right down front getting all the pics and video for ya to see when its over. And we’ll let ya know how the night went right here in the camp news, ughhh I mean the camp blog (what can I say, I’m still old school!).

You guys be sure to tune in and check out the news and we’ll see ya then. Until tomorrow night, I’m gonna go lay down and listen to the few rain drops hit my roof as I check my eyelids for leaks….. I bet I don’t find any!!

Y’all have a great night and we’ll see ya tomorrow


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