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Hellooooooo Parents!!!!

Welcome back to the Roost where you can get caught up on all the action from up on the mountain. We had plenty of it today, whether it was on the ropes course, circus or even down at the fine arts building with pottery and arts and crafts. There was something going on everywhere you looked.

The campers awoke to another cool morning (not as cool as yesterday though), that was replaced with warmer temps by noon. Now even though I said it was warmer, I’m talking low to mid 80’s. Not anything like it gets down in the cities. With the warmer temps, the waterslide and lily pads were the items of choice for everyone to play on at the water front. You can see some great pics of campers being campers as they go down the waterslide to a giant splash into the river at the end.

The ladies in circus class were busy today performing on the Mexican Cloud swing. If they were nervous, it didn’t show as they were standing on the cloud swing and pumped up their swings to amazingly high heights before jumping out the front to catch the swing with their arms to perform what is called an iron cross. I watched them practice this over and over as I was getting the gear for our rappelling trip and those girls didn’t give up one time. Everyone of ‘em kept pushing their swing higher and higher until they were almost even with the bar that holds it. Y’all got some real daredevils in your families!!! I haven’t looked through the pics yet for today but I’m sure there has to be some in there somewhere.

The mini campers enjoyed a great day of horseback not only riding their horses through the equine obstacle course, but also learning how to rope while they were waiting to catch the next ride! I can’t wait till they get home and show y’all some of their skills. (my guess is some of you dads will be “voluntold” to be the target for their attempts at roping!!) .

The campers in the pottery class are really excited as their projects are starting to take shape. Some of the mounds of clay, just a few days ago are now looking like beautiful bowls and cups that are just waiting to come out of the kiln and then be painted and glazed. You’re gonna love what they bring ya at the end of camp.

Before I forget (and at this point in the summer with the lack of sleep, forgetting is becoming part of my daily routine), Some of y’all are gonna have some great little hunting buddies with ya this fall. The campers in the rifelry class are really starting to become a great group (group- grouping…. get it? hey, when your this tired everything is funny). On a serious note, those girls are really on target with their shots. They’re starting to really get their shots close together and will be in rare form by the time camp is over. If you have a nice buck on the wall at your home, that maybe replaced by a bigger one your daughter gets this fall! Good luck!

I can’t believe in all my gibberish last night I forgot to tell ya about tonights activity (told ya its gettin’ easy to forget things now!), Get Skyline Back. This is one of the camper all time favorite nights as it all starts out while they’re enjoying a nice quiet dinner in the dinning hall (ok…maybe that part isn’t entirely true…. with this many girls eating in the same building theres nothing quiet about it!). They were, however enjoying dinner when all of a sudden those stinky ol’ boys from Camp Laney burst in and kidknapped the club leaders, their flags and the club boxes!! (Don’t get all worried on me now, it was really our counselors dressed up as the Laney boys… we wouldn’t ever let that happen). No where was I…. oh yea, those ‘boys’ took the club leaders outside and took them to separate places in camp and held them there until the rest of the campers could come to their rescue. Now you know your campers just weren’t gonna stand for something like that and as soon as they finished their desserts (you can’t form a rescue on an empty stomach) they headed out to get their leaders, flag, and cabin boxes back to where they belong.

All they had to do was hit a counselor 4 times with a stuffed sock (here we go with the socks again…). But this time the counselors had some socks of their own and if they hit a camper with one of their socks, that camper had to report to the scorers table and then they were right back in the game. So now when a counselor was hit 4 time with a sock thrown by one of the campers, that counselor was out and had to sit down and couldn’t help defend their “hostage” anymore.

I’m happy to report at the end of the night and after many, many, did I say MANY, socks being thrown through the air, all the clubs successfully defended their leaders and rescued them from the Laney boys. Nice try Laney boys, but not today!!!

After the judges tallied up all the points from being hit by a sock, mixed in with how long it too each club to rescue their leaders, they tabulated the results (I’d go into detail but its all very scientific) and the final results were……….. (ya hear that drum roll again?)……… Mounties 3rd, Rangers 2nd and the Terrific Troopers 1st!!!!! Way to go girls! If I tried to play this game with them, I promise ya, I’d have pulled muscles and bags of ice on my shoulders by the end of the game….not to mention a hefty supply of vitamin “I”…(ibuprofen). I don’t see how they put forth all this energy every day and night. I forgot, (see…) while they were doing all this heavy duty rescuing, they were singing and cheering all night long…… I just don’t know how……

After all the action this week, tomorrow (probably actually ‘today’ by the time I finish typing this) were gonna have something thats a little more my speed….Movie night. This is where all the campers will come to dinner in their PJ’s and well hand each of them their own bag of popcorn as they make there way to the gym for a relaxing night of slumber….I mean movie watching. I think I’m looking forward to this one!!

Well, thats about it for today, oh there was more going on, it would just take me a book to describe everything and let’s face it…..I’d probably forget most of it before I finished typing.

Y’all have a great night, I’m gonna pull the tooth picks out from under my eyelids and let them close on down so I can get some sleep. Y’all should do the same cause we still got a long way to go and these girls aren’t showing any signs of wearing out yet!!! (unlike me!!)

have a good one, ‘cause like a slow kid in dodgeball……… I’m out!!!!!