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Congratulations parents, You guys have made it to the halfway point in the session. If you’re like your campers, you’re just getting warmed up and ready to kick off the second week!! And If after one full week of camp you’re like me….. you’re looking for any chance to take a quick 15 min nap anywhere and at anytime of the day! Either way, doesn’t matter, next week is coming so we’ll be ready for it !

All of our mini campers headed home thins morning, and just like I told ya last night, we had a few that were excited to see their parents but weren’t that excited to be leaving. Actually had one parent find me and happily say “you warned us about this”. Just happy trying to help and to also know I have a few parents out there that actually take the time to read my post each night/day (you really should find something a little better to spend your time reading….). We sure missed the little guys today.

The rest of the campers were back in their activities and let me tell ya, those guys were wide open all day long. Y’all remember the last 3 or 4 nights I told ya we had cloud and overcast skies and how that kept the temperature down? Well, those days ore over, summer is here. We had blue shy and “warm” temps all day long so you know the water front was busy. Our CSR class did some guided rappelling today that took us right over the top of the waterslide so we got a birds eye view of them riding down the slide in into the river. It was probably the best view in the house if ya ask me. All I know, is it sure looked like fun and you could tell by their screams and laughter they were having a good time and enjoying the cool water!

Tonight is one of my favorite nights at camp, Movie Night! All the campers came to the dining hall in their PJ’s and all decked out ready to hit the hay as they watched tonights movie. As I walked out of the dining hall they had piled up all their pillows, blankets and even sleeping bags just outside of the door. I’m pretty sure they didn’t leave any creature comforts they might need to have a restful night behind. After all the campers came up and got their own bag of popcorn they settled in and all cheered when they saw which movie was tonight choice….. Hanna Montana! (that was my cue to exit, stage door left ASAP) . Nothing against Hanna Montana, just not exactly what I would have chosen to kick back to for the evening. Oh well, the campers all seemed to like it as I could hear them cheering throughout the movie all the way here in my office.

Tomorrow is a very special day here at camp, yes, its Sunday and we’ll have our breakfast of fruits, eggs, bacon, biscuits, grits and one more thing…..homemade Doughnuts! Gotta love them Sunday mornings at camp!!!!

After breakfast, it’s time for Sunday school and then to church with our very own counselor choir and very special guest speaker, Aja Grimes. One of our former camp counselors and admin. She always has a special message for our campers and I promise ya, its gonna be a fun message they they will enjoy and take information with them.

After church, it’ll be time for lunch and folks, there ain’t a better lunch on the mountain that what our kitchen staff fixes up for us. Its one of those Cracker Barrel on steroids type meals that leave ya stuffed.

After a mandatory rest hour to let all that food settle, well have our camp carnival around the gym, complete with games, face painting, karaoke and more. If the weather forecast holds true for tomorrow, its gonna be a sunny day and that will be perfect to eat carnival and for the riversides that have an option to have fun swim down at the river during carnival.

Tomorrow night we’ll have a camper favorite, counselor hunt. This is where the counselors will get dressed up in their best camo and try to keep form being found by your campers. Once a camper finds a counselor, they bring them to the gym to see how many points their “find” is worth. The club that find the most counselors/ has the most points will be the big winner. We’ll be there to let ya know how wins so be sure to check back and see how many counselors your camper brings in!!

Before I forget, even though the US mail doesn’t run on Sunday, the Camp Skyline (e)mail and Waldograms will!! if you want to send any emails or Waldograms in, go ahead and we’ll make sure they get to your camper tomorrow at lunch!!

Well, its time for me to check my eyelids for leaks and you guys should too. Don’t stay up all night looking at pictures and the video, find something restful to do before you head off to bed. Maybe I’ll find a nice movie to enjoy when I get home…..anything but Hanna Montana