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A sleepy and worn out hello to ya parents!! I can tell its the end of the week just by the difference in time it now takes me to get out of bed in the morning and up and out of a chair during the day. You’ve had those days. One thing’s for sure, based on the same criteria, the campers don’t know what day it is. They’re still running around from activity to activity, full of energy and pep. The ladies in circus decided to take a day away from the sun and worked on their Silk routines in the gym. You may have seen some of these acts before in something like Cirque du Soleil. These girls are learning them all this session.

One reason I may already be tired (Sally said its my age…… but I think we’ll all agree that’s just crazy talk form her!!) is actually the way I try to keep up with the girls in the CSR class (Caving, Survival and Rappelling) after 3 days of training on the tower, followed by an out of camp trip to climb and rappel, followed by a half day in a cave with these over eager bundles of energy…. its pretty much the reason tonights version of the Roost is brought to you by BRCC and Vitamin “I” (we’ll see how many of y’all were paying attention a few days ago about vitamin “I”). Just look at some of the pictures of the girls in the cave today, they were crawling and squeezing through the tiniest of spaces….. and guess who has to squeeze through there first to get you guys those pics……??? The girls loved the trip and actually did a great job. We have another cave trip scheduled for Monday that will be all day long. You can’t blame them for being excited about being in a cave again….. its 57 degrees down there all year long!!! In June or July, thats a wonderful pace to be!!

The Mini campers seemed to make some incredible shots at archery today, just see for yourself in the pics. As excited as we are to see their progress in all their activities, tomorrow’s gonna be a sad day as we all say good bye to our wonderful little friends we’ve gotten to know and love over the past week. Its been so fun to watch them play on the river and work on their dance as a group (if your camper is a mini camper, be sure to have them teach you the dance they learned this week!). Speakin’ of the mini’s dance, they got to perform it tonight if front of the whole camp before our movie. The rest of the camp loved how well the little guys did and all their energy thy put into their dance. It was so much fun to watch them perform, I know you guys at home will love it too! If ya have the main song from the movie “Footloose” (and how many people our age DON’T know that song…. of course you have it somewhere), then you’re in luck!! God bye little guys, we’re sure gonna miss y’all next week! Be sure to let them check in and see all the pics and videos from the next week, they’ll still be interested in how their club is doing in each competition!!

One word of warning fro all you Mini camper parents when you do get here to pick up your camper. You’re campers will be really excited to see ya when you get here….. That may not mean they’ll be happy to leaving their new best friends they’ve made the past week. It’s ok if that happens, you’ve been warned and lets face it, if they want to stay because of all the good times they’re having, thats a good thing and your camper has definitely grown this week!

Now besides all the action activities, the girls are doing super jobs in all the other ones too! Take for example, cooking, You’ve seen some of the treats they make and you’ve heard me mention them before, but not like this!! Some of the ladies in one of our cooking classes were walking around with these wonderful smelling pastries today… They did smell wonderful… how they tasted, I have no idea. I couldn’t talk any of them to give up their pastry for me to try. I really can’t blame them… Don’t think I would have surrendered mine if I had one either. These girls are making some great looking things in cooking so some of y’all may have some little chefs’ coming home from camp!! (maybe you’l have better luck than me talking them out of their treats!!)

Speaking of treats, it was a treat tonight to have movie night and let everyone get a little rest and het their legs back under them. I know I really…… I mean THE CAMPERS really appreciated the slower pace tonight. Everyone headed to the gym to get their own bag of popcorn and get settled in for a nice evening of movie watching (or checking your eyelids for leaks) out in the gym with the cool air gently blowing through the gym. I have to be honest, I didn’t stay for the whole movie, but by the time I did leave (which wasn’t that long into the movie), there were several campers doing some serious eyelid checking if ya know what I mean!!

Tomorrow night will be our dance night. and they’ll all be right back out under the stars on our tents court lights dancing and moving all night. Even though we won’t have the boys from Camp Laney to join us this year, the girls will still have a great time dancing to all the music coming out of the speakers!! We’ll be there to catch all the action and get to to ya just as fast as we can.

Speaking of fast, I’m out of BRCC coffee, the vitamin I has kicked in, and I’m not that far away from being fast asleep. I hope you guys are able to stay up little longer and check out the daily video and picture but I think I’m gonna call it a night and go catch some ZZZZZZZZ’s

Have a great night and I’ll see some of y’all tomorrow morning, the rest of y’all, we’ll be back here tomorrow fillin’ ya in all all the happenings.

go get some sleep, some of yall are looking a little tired…

go on, go to bed….

you’re not listening……