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Well hello parents,

And welcome to the Roost, where you’ll learn everything ya need to know about what your campers are doing while they’re here at Skyline. Before I get into what all went on today, I hope everyone enjoyed our new “drive through” check in we put in for this year. I know everyone at camp enjoyed the new system and it sure seemed to go a lot smoother and quicker than the old way. Thank you to all y’all that watched the video about what to expect and making this morning a smooth success!!

Now back to the camp news!! A big thank you to Mother Nature for not living up to the forecast of rain all day, as a matter of fact, the little drizzle we had during the early check in is all we had all day! So with overcast skies and cool temps, it was just right for everyone to not waste any time getting busy into the camp routine again after two years off!

Right after check in, all the campers playedget to know you games with their new cabin mates and took a tour of camp (ya know, we don’t want anyone getting lost while they’re here). And then it was off to choose their classes for the session and see which club they’re in. You’ll be able to see which club your camper is in by the color shirt they’re wearing in their cabin pics that will be up shortly. If it’s red then they’re a Mountie, if blue then a Ranger and if it’s green they’re a Trooper. Now make sure you remember which club they’re in cause there have been family feuds started by someone calling their camper by the wrong club name. These clubs will be important later in the session when we start our nighttime activities and have some “friendly” club competitions. Just wait, you’ll see!!

Tonight after dinner each cabin had their very own cabin fun night where every cabin picked their own activity to keep hanging out with their cabin mates (see, they probably know every single camper in their cabin by now!). We had everything from spa night, face “painting” (spoiler alert, some of them looked like they used a roller instead of small brushes to put the paint on!), shaving cream wars, messy twister, Gaga ball and even a wild version of charades.

There’s no doubt they won’t have any problem falling asleep tonight once they hit their bunks. The night air is cool and it’s gonna be an easy night to start catching some zzzz’s (you can trust me on this one, I won’t have any problem falling asleep!).

Tomorrow will be everyone’s first day of classes and they’ll be finding out the do’s and don’t’s of each class and it won’t take long before they’re busy getting on horses, ropes course, circus, shooting bows or rifles, or even starting their arts and crafts projects. Don’t worry folks, we’ll be out there shooting all the campers (with a camera of course!) to make sure you guys feel like you’re here with ‘em (we know you wish you were.)

Tomorrow night will be a camper favorite called “Sock War” where that club competition will come out in every one of them and you’ll be able to see it in all the pics!

You guys have a great night, I know we sure are up here and tomorrow will have even more action than today, so be sure to tune in and see for yourself.

You can enjoy today’s video here below or on the “daily video” link on the “MY CSR” page of our website.

Have a great night, we’ll see ya tomorrow!!


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