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Well hello parents and welcome to the Roost. This is where you’ll find out all the happenings around camp each day and whats coming up next for all the campers. I’ll try to get this to ya as soon as I can but I’ll always wait until I can put the daily video and several spotlight pics from each day in here so you can get a better glimpse of just what exactly we’re talkin’ about. (thats my way of saying the video and pics will be done before before I am and my typing skills are somewhat lacking….. I’d blame my typing teacher in high school if I had taken typing…). Anyway, we’ll get everything to ya as fast as we can cause I know some of y’all are gonna be waiting up each night to see whats going on. Here’s a pro tip for ya, the pics will be up on our Waldo site and the daily video will be on our youtube or on our videos link in the new section of our website. Just click on the “my CSR” button and you’ll have everything you need for the next two weeks!

I gotta hand it to al ya’ll parents this mornin’. You guys handled the new check in system really well and everyone just sailed right through the morning. Only thing I miss is the time I used to have be bale to speak to everyone, oh well, I guess we’ll be keepin’ in touch through the Roost for the next couple weeks.

After everyone made their way to their cabins and got all settled in all the campers played some get to know ya games with all their cabin mates so everyone could learn their names and find out who the’d be spending time with. After that it was time to sign up for activities and visit everyone’s favorite place….. Beli Deli. You guys will be gettin’ a post card in the mail soon with your campers activities and which club their in. You wanna pay special attention to their club cause once these girls get in a club, their in it for life and they take it serious. I’m not sayin its life or death thing, but family feuds have started over someone calling their camper by the wrong club name and I’m just tryin’ to help y’all avoid any of those strange times at Christmas or family reunions.

After an energetic lunch, (you could really tell they were happy to be at camp!!) everyone went and had their cabin and club pictures made. Now heres a big tip for ya, look at your campers shirt in their cabin pics. If they’re wearing a red shirt, they’re a Mountie, Blue a Ranger and green a Trooper. There ya go, don’t say I didn’t warn ya if you make the big mistake of mis club identification!!

After dinner it was time for cabin fun night. This is where each cabin chooses their own activity for the night and they get to spend a little more time with their new friends in their cabin. They had everything from hungry hungry hippo, tie dye, spa night, shaving cream wars, sloppy twister, charades, gaga ball, and more! (you get the idea…. these ladies were busy havin’ fun!!)

Now after all that activity today, I’m gon…I mean they’re gonna have no problem falling asleep tonight as they get ready for three first day of classes tomorrow. Like I said, you’ll be gettin’ a card with those classes on it but don’t go runnin’ out by the mailbox waitin’ on that card just yet. Sometimes the post office here in Mentone takes an hour and a half to watch 60 Minutes if ya know what I mean.

Tomorrow will be a busy time as everyone is in their classes learning the do’s and don’ts of each activity. Once they get all the preliminaries outta the way they’ll be all about getting on the ropes course, horses, circus and everything else.

Now we’re not gonna let the first day just be exciting during the daytime. After dinner were gonna split all the campers into their clubs and they’ll head out into their club areas in camp and they’ll be loaded with hundreds of stuffed socks (don’t worry moms, we supply the socks, they won’t be using their own). Once they ring the bell, all the campers will head out in search of the other clubs and their club flag. When they see a camper wearin’ a different club color all they gotta do is start launching socks and if they hit the camper with a stuffed sock, that camper is out and has to report to the scorers table to get right back in the game. BUT WATCH OUT!!!! That other camper has stuffed socks too and they’ll be aiming at the first camper at the same time. Think of it as a 3D game of capture the flag with hundreds of socks flying through the air and girls cheering and yelling the whole time. If you use just little bit of your imagination, you can see its as easy as herding wild cats!!

Anyway, the campers love it and its as fast and furious as it sounds. Just wait till you see the pics and you’ll see for yourself!

Now as much fun as we’ve had up here today, before I leave I gotta ask ya to keep the Sheriffs girls ranch in South Alabama in your thoughts and prayers. They had a terrible tragedy over the weekend and all of us in the camp industry send our thoughts and prayers to them during their difficult time.

You folks have a great night and get some sleep. We have a long way to go this session and your gonna spend a lot more time on this computer than you think over the course of 2nd session.

Go get some rest, (your campers are right now I promise ya!!)