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Happy Monday to ya parents! I hope you guys at home had as good of day as we did up here on the mountain, but I really doubt that would be possible. Before I go any farther, let me apologize to all the dads out there. In all the excitement of opening day, I completely forgot to tell all of y’all “Happy Father’s Day!!” Hope y’all had a great day! And now back to the campers!!!

It was a great first day of classes as everyone was learning where their classes were and what to expect. It didn’t take long until after all the explaining was finished that the fun began. Arts and Crafts projects were picked out, pottery projects were chosen, Ropes Course, Circus and Rappelling started playing in the air and even Horseback and Mountain Biking got moving by the end of each period. We did have a little rain during 5th period, but that didn’t stop everyone from getting the instructions for each class outta the way so tomorrow they’ll be ready to go as soon as they get there. I even saw Mountain Biking making a few preliminary trips around camp today letting everyone get their wheels under them so to speak.

The clouds today were a welcome relief to the sun this morning as it brought the temps down to a much more enjoyable area. And seriously, the little bit of rain we had this afternoon didn’t even really effect the classes except for those few minutes I mentioned before during only 1 period. One thing that remained a constant here at camp is the campers excitement when our kitchen staff breaks out the “Brookies” (home made Chocolate chip squares) for dessert. After everyone finished their dinner the dining hall erupted in cheers as they all saw the famous Brookies being brought out by our ACIT’s. We pretty much could have called it a night then and everyone would have been happy, but you know camp….there’s more coming!

The rain held off for tonight’s activity, SOCK WAR and the campers were all in. The excitement from dessert carried over to the night time activity as all the campers were decked out in their club colors (and by decked out, I mean tutus, capes, face paint, arm bands, everything!!). There was an army of green, red and blue that came out and listened to the rules of Sock War and then grabbed an armful of socks to head out to their club area to hide their flag and wait for the bell to ring to start the hunt for the other clubs’ flags and anyone not dressed in their club colors )I told ya last night these clubs were important to these girls…. I wasn’t kidding!).

Once they rang the bell to start, the hunt was on! You could hear them yelling and counting down in unison to stage an attack on an opposing club (I’m not entirely sure why they do that…. they never all “Go” when they get to zero), anyway, it looks like they’re coordinated, so they’ve got that going for ‘em. As the campers were running around camp throwing and dodging socks (yea… the socks got a little wet once they hit the ground from the rain before) it was a blur of red, green and blue mixed in with a lot of laughs and cheers. They definitely didn’t leave anything on the table as they were all determined to help their club win.

After all the throwing, dodging, yelling, cheering and runnin’ we finally had a winner and I know you all are just waiting to hear who it was……… so the winner is…………. (I bet you hear a little drum roll in your head don’t you?………I bet you also just stopped to see if you heard that drum roll didn’t ya?!?!) The results were Rangers 1st, Troopers 2nd and Mounties 3rd!! Way to go girls!

I know with the cool temps tonight and all the probably sore shoulders (I know mine sure would be), all the campers will have no problems getting right to sleep after a day filled with activities like today and tonight.

Well after all the action today and I’m sure a lot of action tomorrow in their activities, were gonna slow things down a bit tomorrow night (thank goodness!) and have everyone in the gym for the best talent show this mountain has ever seen. I’m not sure of which specific acts we’ll have but I’ll know tomorrow and be able to let all y’all who are playing along at home know as soon as I can in tomorrow’s Roost. I love talent night at camp for many reasons, I’m always amazed at how much talent our campers have and occasionally you get some that really knock your socks (not the ones we’ve been throwing all night tonight) off. Its great to see these girls get up in front of everyone and show a talent you never knew they had. Just to get up in front of that many people is scary, but to get up and then belt out a song or wow us with skills of the piano or guitar is simply amazing and a great night for everyone. (Ok, there’s that other thing about everyone being in one area and it’s a lot easier to get the pics and video but I wasn’t gonna bring that up!)

Well, that’s about all for today. Tomorrow’s weather is supposed to be beautiful so that’ll make some great pics and video for all y’all to see. We’re still early in the session so don’t burn yourselves out looking through all the pics (even if you’re using WALDO for the facial recognition you should still look at the other pics. If ya don’t your missin’ out!). Be sure to pace yourselves and take your time. If ya don’t you’ll be on your computer more than I am during the summer and folks… that just ain’t right.

Oh wait!! I forgot to congratulate our JC’s and admin that went looking for a campers retainer that got taken out at dinner. I’m happy to report that we had a successful recovery and believe it or not, a lot of fun was had as everyone did what they had to do to make sure the camper got her retainer back without much hassle. (I’ll let you see if you can pick out which picture shows the result… ain’t hard!)

Have a great night and we’ll see ya tomorrow!!