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Good evening parents!! I know I’m gonna sound like a broken record (does anyone even know what those are anymore?), but we had another great day up here. It started with a nice cool morning and overcast skies that kept the temps nice and cool and then this afternoon they all left and the sun came out to give everyone a beautiful blue afternoon. If your camper is a Trooper (the green team), then they had an especially good day as one of the younger troopers happened to find the golden horseshoe that is hidden each session! It didn’t take the Troopers long to gather around the bell and start ringing it as loud as they could as they sang and cheered for the the rest of camp to know they had it! Way to go Troopers!

As I made my way around camp throughout the day I noticed the word of the day must have been “cooperation”. Everywhere you looked and listened, you could see and hear campers helping campers all day long. In tennis, mountain biking, even in our caving, survival and rappelling class there was no shortage of help as the campers have really gotten to know each other and find ways to help out. This was especially important in the rappelling class as those girls have a lot of gear to put on for their time training on rope. It’s almost impossible to do it yourself and they stepped right up to bat today to make sure not only everyone got all their gear on, but had it on correctly. I don’t care how well they did on ropes today (they did really great just so ya know), just seeing them reach out and try to do what they can to help one another and become better friends is what it’s all about!

Besides the Troopers finding the horseshoe, there was plenty of excitement all around camp today. The minis found their way down to the river and on the blob. There’s no better picture than a mini camper being blobbed into the air and safely splashing down in the river. There’s just something about those mini campers on the blob…..they’re so aerodynamic!

After a couple full days of activity and fun in the sun, we slowed things down a little bit and everyone met in the gym for the talent show. Folks, let me tell ya, those girls that performed didn’t disappoint. We had everything form cheering, dancing, singing, gymnastics, piano playin’ and even a surprise flash mob dance from Riverside at the end to wrap things up!

After everyone was finished the judges had the inevitable task of picking a winner. After some tough deliberation, the final results were……

Groups 1,2,3 &4:

3rd: Smith Gilmer

2nd: Caroline Pearson

1st: Mary Margaret Gillis

Groups 5&6:

3rd: Tinsley Saunders and Frances Bagley

2nd: Mary Tanner Richardson

1st: Tessa Woodall

Overall Winners:

Groups 1,2,3 & 4:

Livi Cox, Sarah Fox and Lucy Kate Thomson

Groups 5 & 6:

Emerson Holloway

No matter if you placed or not, just to get up on stage and perform in front of all your friends is an amazing task that takes lots of courage. Congratulations to every camper that was in the show tonight!!

Tomorrow is supposed to be another beautiful day up here and we’re gonna cap it off with a game all the campers love- Candy Crush!

This isn’t the game that so many of y’all play on your phone. In this version, the campers will travel around camp in their cabin groups making their way to spots where counselors will be waiting with a certain, silly task for the group to perform. If they perform to the counselors satisfaction, they’ll get a balloon with a hidden point value inside of it. Then they have to make their way to another station to try and finish as many task as possible to get as many balloons and points as possible. But be careful!!! There may be some counselors (Bandits) that will impersonate a good counselor and their balloons might, just might, have a negative point value in them. There’s no way to know what each balloon is worth until they all get back to the gym and bust all their balloons and add up the points and see where they end up for the night!

Its a crazy night and some of the tasks will definitely be photo worthy so we’ll be out there getting pics and video of as many campers performing the task as we can. Be sure to check back in tomorrow night and see for yourself how they did.

Well folks, it’s not that late and I’m gonna take advantage of ANY sleep I can get during the summer and go ahead and check my eyelids for leaks. (I bet I don’t find any!!) You guys do the same and get some sleep. You’re gonna need it, we just got started and there’s still a long way to go in this session if you expect to keep up with your camper every day!

Y’all have a good one, I’m gonna call it a night!!