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Helloooooo parents!! Can you believe we’re already on day 3? The time has been flying by with everything going on up here at camp and that’s a good thing!! Although Mother Nature tried to rain on us today, she didn’t drop any rain until everyone was in the gym for Talent Night so it didn’t matter (and it wasn’t a lot of rain anyway, just enough to keep everything nice and cool). We did have overcast skies all day and that was really nice for this time of year up here. I know all the campers took advantage of the cool temps and stayed busy really getting into the activities.

Before I go any farther, if you haven’t noticed by now, the pics go up around 3 times a day (lunch, dinner and after night time activity) and the video usually gets on our Youtube channel first and then somewhere later in the night, my blog comes in a distant 3rd in the information race to let you guys know what all happened each day. I’d like to blame it on technology, but in all honestly, it ain’t hard to realize I never took typing class in high school so the delay in getting you guys the blog is somewhere between my chair and my keyboard…… I’ll let you guys figure it out and just know, I’m hunting and pecking as fast as my little fingers will go!! Now on with the news!!

Like I said before, the campers were really busy today. It looked like someone kicked a mound of fire ants around camp. Everywhere you looked there were campers riding horses, flying down the zip line, being blobbed in the river, making progress on their Arts and Crafts projects, heck… even cooking class is popping treats out of the oven at the end of every class. See, I told ya we were busy up here!

We did get some pics form mountain biking class on their trip out of camp today, but we didn’t get them until after al the pics were uploaded so we’ll throw them into tomorrow’s section. We’ll also have pics from the CSR (Caving, Survival and Rappelling) class as they take their first out of camp trip tomorrow to some rock faces not far from here and get to try out their skills they’ve been learning on some real cliffs. Stay tuned and see what we bring back tomorrow for ya!

The Mini campers are fitting right into camp by now. Every time you see ‘em going from class to class, they look like a bunch of little ducks following their counselor to their next activity. It’s great to watch them make progress in archery, tennis and especially on the river with the toys. Just look for them in tonight’s pics and you can see for yourself.

Speaking of tonight’s pictures, you guys be sure to check out everything from Talent Night. We had one heck of a show here on the mountain and it featured everything from dancing, singing, guitar playing,and comedy (I especially loved the ones that were doing “dad jokes”… somehow I related). We even had baton twirling, cheering, piano playing and a violin and viola duet. (although up here we call those things “fiddles”).

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After all the standing O’s and loud cheering and clapping after each performance, our judges had the impossible task of deciding who placed where. Well, they somehow figured out a system and here is what they came up with.

GROUPS 1,2,& 4

3rd: Anne Price Mitchell, Hollins Smith, Laura Grace Covan, Grey Rodning & Libby Smallwood
2nd: Chloe Fannin
1st: Amelia McRae


3rd: Ella Kate Ramsey
2nd: Daisy Whittington
1st: Megan Knight


1,2,&4 : Harper Hunt
5&6: Sarah Beth Couch

Way to go girls!! Everyone did a great job tonight!!

Tomorrow night will be Get Skyline Back. If you haven’t ever heard of it well then you’re in for a treat. This is where the stinky ole’ boy counselors from Camp Laney (not really- it’s just our counselors dressed up as them!) will break into the dining hall during dinner and capture the club leaders and their club boxes. Well, you know good and well, our campers ain’t gonna stand for something like that to happen. So as soon as they finish their desserts (you can’t form a rescue mission on an empty stomach!!) they’re gonna head out and try to get their club leaders back to freedom. All they have do is get 4 of their campers around the legs of the counselors without being tagged by one of the hundreds of stuffed socks that the counselors have to defend themselves. If their hit by a sock, they have to report to the scorers’ table and then their right back in the game helping their club mates get their club leaders back. Sound confusing? wWll then you pretty much got it! Once the socks start flyin’ it looks like someone tryin’ to herd wild cats! Just wait till you see all the pics and you’ll understand!

Now before I go (I gotta get some sleep SOMETIME!!), I want to warn all you first year camp parents out there. If you’re one of these parents that stays awake and just HAS to read the Roost as soon as it comes out (I can’t blame ya!!), then you’re gonna start burinin’ the candle at both ends. We still have a long way to go and if you think you’re gonna keep up with your campers, then you gotta ‘nother thing comin’. Be sure to take your time and pace yourselves when it comes to spending all this time on your phone or computer. Some of y’all still have a whole week and a half and you don’t wanna be looking like you’ve been through the ringer when you pick up your camper. So you go ahead and get some sleep, too.

Well, that’s about all for today (I think that’s enough, don’t you?). We’ll be back here tomorrow and we’ll keep bringin’ ya all the news… Y’all have a good night and get some zzzz’s.