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Let me introduce myself to you… I’m Frances Lindsey, the Camp Mom, and I have the pleasure to love on your girls all day. During the day I see them at different activities and in their cabins and at every meal. I even get to do pottery or cooking and if I’m really brave I will do the V-Swing. But mostly I just enjoy hanging out with all of your children and giving out lots of hugs. So let me take you through a day at camp through a mom’s eye…

This Sunday was extra special as we celebrated Christmas in July! We awoke a little later than usual and gathered in the gym to exchange Christmas good morning wishes. Santa and his elf even paid us a visit and gave out treats to each cabin. Then Saralee read us a story about the birth of Jesus before we all headed over for a delicious breakfast of donuts, bacon and strawberries all wearing our PJs. These girls, ages 6 to 50ish, enjoy this very much! From breakfast they all head to clean up their cabins and reorganize the trunks that you so nicely packed for them. I took a look around and was impressed with the difference I saw from yesterday to today.

Sunday’s aren’t complete without Sunday School and Church. We had a special visitor lead us in worship, Aja Grimes. Aja is very familiar with Skyline as she was a counselor and an admin once upon a time and now serves on the board of the Skyline Foundation. The Skyline Foundation helps to provide scholarships to girls who cannot otherwise afford to come to camp. This summer we provided 16 scholarships!

Church this Sunday focused on our overall camp theme, Bloom. Aja showed us a beautiful painting of a tree thriving next to a river much like many we see up here on the mountain. What makes the the soil good and what serves as a constant source of life-giving nourishment to this tree? THE WATER! In scripture, God’s Word is described to us in ways to help us understand how essential it is for us to BLOOM! If we trust God and His Word we will thrive from His living water like the painting of the tree. Aja ended our worship service with a fun dance. Make sure to check out today’s video!

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After Church and a delicious lunch it’s off to rest hour and then on to the Skyline Carnival! This is a fun time of games, popsicles, face painting, slip n’ sliding, swimming, and so much more. I believe the older girls really like laying out by the pool and blobbing in the river. Even one of our nurses blobbed today and did the water slide! Its great to see AND hear the camp filled with so much laughter… The pictures should say it all!

To end the day we began with a picnic supper and then quickly moved everything inside for a summer shower. Typically we would have had Counselor Hunt but instead we all watched a movie in the Dining Hall as the rain continued till bedtime. Watching Princess Diaries with a room full of 150+ girls is always entertaining!

What’s wonderful to see as a Mom is how at this point in the session there are no homesick tears, only friendships that have become stronger and lots of smiles. The best is when they call on me to share a story of something funny that happened in their day or to show me their “hair tinsel”, a camp favorite. I’m very impressed with each girl here, camper and counselor alike. Thank you for sharing them with us!


Frances Lindsey

“Camp Mom”