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Hello again parents, its great to be back with you tonight for todays episode of the Roost. Many thanks to Francis for filling in for me the last 2 nights, it’s kind of difficult to write about what happened at camp when you’ve been underground all day. And I’m gonna be honest with ya, after a cave trip all day Monday and another (shorter) one scheduled for tomorrow, staying up to write these blogs as starting to get a little difficult. Thank goodness for my coffee and vitamin “I” (ibuprofen). Trying to keep up with your campers all day around camp doesn’t help. Those girls somehow still have plenty of energy inside ‘em and I don’k know how.

Today was a fun day at camp. I got to make my way around this morning and watch everyone in their activities. I even got to join in the tennis class for a few swings and I don’t wanna brag, but I think I surprised some of them with the way I could play (I also think I may have pulled something trying to foolishly be young again….) Oh well, no one noticed so it doesn’t count. I can’t let them think they got me!

One of the best parts of week 2 of camp is seeing how everyone has bonded and any feelings of shyness on campers has vanished faster than the brookie desserts when they’re set on the campers tables! It’s fun to see campers from different hometowns become good friends and realize they have a lot in common. These are the friendships that will last a lifetime.

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The campers are all doing so well in their classes. As I made my way past the circus class today there were campers trying trick on the cloud swings and trapeze that were amazing. They were building their swings up while staying on the trap and then jumping off and catching it with their hands on the way down. Definitely showing some courage and trust just to try this trick. To top it all off, they would end their routine with a nice somersault on their way down to the mat.

The ladies down at rifelry are really getting good and improving every day. I stopped by a few days a go and one camper was telling me how she had gotten a new high score of her target and when I told she could keep getting higher scores by just practicing and even offered a few tips, she was so excited. When I stopped by today, you could tell she had taken my advice to heart and had been working. She had a NEW high score and this time was excited about how many days were left in the session and what her new potential high score can be.

Tonight we had to do a little replanning thanks to mother nature earlier in the week. Since we couldn’t have a full night of counselor hunt, it was rescheduled for tonight. The campers didn’t mind doing it on a Tuesday night instead of the usual Sunday. They came into the dining hall for dinner all decked out in their club colors and ready to do some serious counselor stalking when they were finished.

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So after dinner all the counselors (who were decked out in their best camo) headed out and tried to find that perfect place where no camper would find ‘em. I don’t think many of them found that spot, your campers were turning over every stone and even looking in every trash can to find as many counselors as they could and escort them back to the gym doing the counselor “walk of shame” (being found). They had flashlights, headlamps, and everything they could possible need to find the counselors. I’m not sure if any actually did make it through the night without being found, but I seriously doubt it! Your campers were determined not to let any of them slip away!

Like I mentioned before, our campers in the cave and rappelling class will have another out of camp trip tomorrow. Although this one won’t be as long as the first one (only about 4 hours underground), were still gonna have a great time and I’m sure we’l get some great pics of everyone as they explore another cave. Be sure to check back in tomorrow and see for yourself! (I know some of y’all aren’t fans of the pics where they’re just squeezing through the tight spaces, but the girls love it!!) Although I did start to wonder about the encouragement they were offering each other on our last trip. Theres just something about “If Larry can make it through, you know we’re gonna be able to get through” that has me wondering just what they meant by that!!!

Tomorrow night will be a special night here at camp. We’re gonna have our big dance! Even though we’re not gonna have the boys from Camp Laney over like we have over the years, our girls are still excited to spend a night out on the tennis courts under the stars dancing the night away with each other and having fun. They’ll be out there enjoying the cooler weather and music as they conga dance, line dance and just move in all sorts of ways and call it dancing.

Well, I’ve just poured another cup of BRCC (if ya know, ya know) so now I’m ready to go finish getting everything ready for the trip. You guys enjoy the pics and video and I’ll see ya back here tomorrow night!!