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Hello again! I wrote to you last night and I have the opportunity to write to you again tonight. Larry was out on a caving trip most of the day and you will see great pics of their adventure. But let’s start from the beginning of this beautiful day up here on the mountain.

As always we begin our day with Morning Watch where we dig deeper into the theme of the summer. Then it’s on to breakfast of eggs, sausage, biscuits, grapes and always the cereal option. Delicious! From there the girls go clean their cabin and they are quickly off to Club Meetings. Club meetings include learning songs, hunting for the horseshoe and getting instructions for night time activities. Then it’s off to classes.

I so much enjoy walking around and checking on your girls so I begin my walk to Dance where the older girls are learning a dance to perform on the last day of camp. They actually call themselves the Skyline Dance Team and they love to show off what they’ve learned so far. I wish you could see your daughters working hard to learn an entire routine in such short time.

After our first period class we all find our way to Beli Deli, a favorite spot to cool off with a Frios popsicles. I had the pleasure of working a line for Aunt Syl and it’s so refreshing to hear the “please” and “thank you’s” from your camper. They are all smiles and rosy cheeks. It’s been very hot on the mountain today!

The second activity of the day I visited was Ropes. If you haven’t met Mark Pickle, our famous Ropes instructor, you will soon and most likely you will hear about his much coveted “Pickle Bracelets”. It’s amazing to watch your girls in the sky without a care in the world. From the zip line to the dangling duo, your girls are courageous and encouraging each other along the way. They always ask me to go up and my motto is, “Two feet on the ground at all times!”. They just laugh!

Third period I was checking on the girls in painting, arts and crafts and pottery. You have some very creative campers and I know you will have some art to display on your walls and tables. I still have my girl’s paper towel holder from 15 years ago.

Lunch was delicious Roast Beef, potatoes au gratin and fried okra. And as always the salad bar and peanut butter sandwiches are another healthy option. Rest hour follows and there is quiet around camp while some sleep, some play cards, some braid hair and some read or write letters. I like to swim laps at the pool and read my book as well.

During Fourth period I anticipate the arrival of the caving group and hearing about their adventures. The caving girls told me it was so much fun discovering secret tunnels, squeezing through tight places, eating lunch in the cave and having complete total darkness for rest hour. They also had the opportunity to see why the cave is named Howard’s Waterfall Cave…they had their own waterfall shower as they exited! Multiple salamanders were discovered too which now all have names. From what I gathered they explored like real professionals, even cleaning their clothes properly on their return home.

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My fifth activity is at Sally’s house for a Bible Study she leads with today’s lesson being about Faith. She’s reading from a book, Faith is Not a Feeling, and the girls are really learning how God’s word lasts forever and never changes. It’s something we can alway depend on and use to help us get through our lives and the up and downs that naturally come our way. Ask your daughters to tell you about the different prayers they have written this session that they will want to use over and over again in their daily walk with Christ.

And finally the last activity I visited was Fun Swim. It was hot enough to enjoy the pool and the river. Life jackets were given out to the girls who wanted to play on the lily pads and the others went to the pool. It’s was a great way to end the hot day… I just wish I had my bathing suit on to join them. There is always tomorrow!

After dinner it was off to our Night Time Activity, Counselor Hunt. Your daughter’s searched high and low to find any counselor and different items were hidden too. It’s a fun night of hide and seek and always a camp favorite. Tonight’s winners are…Mounties 3rd, Rangers 2nd, and Troopers 3rd.

Sweet Dreams!

Frances Lindsey

Camp Mom

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