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Happy Wednesday to ya parents!! I hope you’re having as much fun as your campers are but that would really be hard. These girls have been going strong all week and today was no different. This morning all the campers at the climbing tower were really encouraging one another and even coaching each other through what they’re next steps should be to help one another reach the top. It was fun to sit back and just listen to all the advice all the campers had for one another. It was great to hear them encourage each other and tell them exactly where the rocks were for them to try and grab ad reach the top.

Another encouraging class at camp is still the cooking class. If your camper took cooking, you really need to encourage them to show ya what they learned while they were here! I promise ya, you won’t disappointed with what they make for ya. You can smell the goodness coming out of he kitchen when they’re in there cooking and trust me, when they come out of the class, none of them are wanting to share any left over they may have with them. Have ‘em cook for you, you won’t be disappointed!!

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With the sun out today all the campers at the water front were taking full advantage of their remaining days to play on the blob, waterslide, river swim and the pool. I can’t blame them, it was awfully warm this morning when you were out in the sun. They weren’t wasting any time between rotations when it came to the blob (a camper favorite). You can always tell when they get a really good blob by the way the rest of the campers oooooh and ahhhhhh like they were watching fireworks when someone is launched into the air like a rocket.

With the weather as warm as it was this morning, it was a great day to take the caving class down underground one more time (the temperature in the caves around the southeast is always right around 57 degrees)! So we headed down under for a few hours of climbing, sliding and crawling in and around the rocks and maybe a little mud. The campers all did great and everyone of them enjoyed the cool and yet challenging afternoon as they made their way up and down every crevice. There are some really good pics and video (not sure of our video will make the cut to get in tonights video, but we’ll see in a couple hours) so be sure to check them out and you can see for yourself, that maybe, just maybe, we ran into a little more mud than I talked about. When we came out back into the hot air and humidity, every camper wanted to go back down in the cave where it was nice and cool. And yes, the phrase “if Larry can fit through there, we know we can fit through there was used again today……. several times!)

While we were “down under” the rest of camp was enjoying at the afternoon activities. I was able to get back in time to get by and see some of the arts and crafts projects as well as the pottery projects and WOW!! Those girls have some talent to be able to take a lump of clay, a blank piece of paper and even an unpainted art project and make it come to life. I’m always amazed when I see what they’re doing down there and how they can take whats in their mind and make it come to life on the paper, in their hands or with a brush. Those girls have some kind of talent gene that obviously skipped me!!

Tonight was our big dance and there’s no better way to finish off a hot day than dancing and having a good time out under the stars in the cool air. It didn’t take long for all the girls to get in their rhythm and start dancing to all sorts of music. Thank goodness our theme was “Skyline hoe down” so there were quiet a few songs that I actually knew. Unfortunately, whenever I would make a song request, it was always met with the same “in correct” answer…. “we aren’t gonna play any oldies!” OLDIES???!!!!!! For the record, songs from the 80’s are not oldies. I guess I still got some teaching to do to these gals!! They are so mis informed…..

Tomorrow night will be one the campers most favorite activities, Speed challenge! This is where we split the campers up by their clubs and head over to the sports field and have a series of unconventional relays, over and over again. Each (age) group will compete in 10 relays back to back to back to back……. Once we finish all 10 relays with one age group, we’ll reset the objects and do it again with the next age group, and then the next, and the next and so on. It’ll be one of the wildest craziest relates you’ve ever heard of. Things like monkey toes marble grab (in a bucket of ice), cover your partner with shaving cream relay, crepe paper roll up, the over under with a ball relay, hula hoop relay and of course the flaming torch relays (don’t worry, it’s just a ball on top of a plunger, not a real flaming torch), and more. Be sure you check back tomorrow to see all the craziness and more importantly, to see how your campers club did in the contest. Were getting towards the end fo the session so each and every point the clubs can get will matter!!

Well, with everything going on today and me trying to keep up with the campers in the mud and up and down all the rocks, I’m about worn out….OK, theres no “about” in it. I’m pooped! Its defiantly another coffee (BRCC of course!) and “vitamin I” kind of night…. again. Hopefully you guys playing along at home aren’t as tired as I am. You guys have a good night and be sure to get some rest. You don’t wanna finish the session all worn out, but if you’re looking through all the pictures each night and slowing down the video just to see if you can find your campers face, ear, shoe, elbow ( I know some of yall do that!!!!! :-) )then you’re definitely burning the candle at both ends and you’re gonna need more coffee than me! Take your time and get some rest.

Y’all have a good night and go get some sleep.

go on, you’re not listening…. go to bed

Have a good one!!


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