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Howdy hoe parents!! And welcome to the middle of week 2 from the mountain! It was another warm day up here but that didn’t stop all your campers from getting out and enjoying all their activities. Of course we were constantly reminding everyone to fill up their water bottles throughout the day and believe it or not, they listened!! Everyone stayed well hydrated throughout the day so they could keep going and stay out in their activities.

Some of the campers that obviously planned ahead for the warm weather were the ones in the chorus and drama class. They get to practice all their songs and dances for their big show in the top of “Pickles Palace” which is an air-conditioned building. I’m happy to report their planning has paid off and their rehearsals are looking really great for they big show.

All the campers down in arts and crafts were pretty smart too since that areas is not only shaded, but sits just above thebans of Little River so not only do they have a great view, they are always enjoying the cool breeze as they finish up their projects. If ya look through the video, you’ll see some of them putting the final sanding or coat of paint on they projects as they get close to finishing up.

One class the heat didn’t bother was the caving class, we had our last cave trip “down under” today and throughly enjoyed the climbing, squeezing, and mud we were crawling through. Don’t sound like your cup of tea? well, it was also a constant 57 degrees underground so on warm days like today, theres no better place to be and the campers would tell ya the same thing. They loved it! (especially the mud part and there was plenty of that!) Just look at our “exit photo” we took and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Heres an experienced caver tip for you moms, whatever shirt you see them in at the end of the trip will always be their cave shirt from now on………. (that mud ain’t coming out!!! trust me!)

Afterwards while we were cleaning our gear, one of the girls in the class thanked me for taking them afterwards and then followed up with “Its like I thought there was no way I could get through some of the places we were going and then we would just go and work our way through. After that, I was looking for the next thing I thought was impossible just so I could see how we were gonna do it and we did!”. I promise y’all, I didn’t read last nights Roost to her before hand, but that was exactly what I was talking about with the campers working in their growth zone and expanding their comfort zone!

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Speaking of comfort zone, the campers tonight seemed to be right in the middle of theirs as they all hit the dance floor (of the tennis courts) out under the stars. Our dance theme was Skyline Hoe Down and you can tell from all the cowgirl hats and boots you see, everyone came fully prepared and all decked out for the dance. Some of your campers really have some good dance moves as they danced the night away to the cotton eye joe, fishing in the dark, and many other songs that filled the night air. Some campers were not dancing the whole time and apparently saving their energy by leaving masterpieces of sidewalk chalk drawings and designs around the outskirts the dance area. Whether you were and artist or a dancer tonight, it was a fun time under the lights in the cool night air!

Can you believe tomorrow will be Thursday already? This week is flying by and tomorrow will speed by too as all the campers get ready for tomorrow nights activity “speed challenge” (ya see what I did there….). Everyone will come to dinner all decked out in their club colors complete with face paint, flags, crazy socks and anything else they think might help boost their club as we host some fo the wildest and wackiest relay races you’ve ever heard of. I’ll go into more detail tomorrow describing everything you’ll be seeing in the pics and video. Be ready though, its gonna be a wild and crazy night!!

Since it’s so late tonight (ok….. actually its already tomorrow as I type this……yes, I’m a slow typer), I’m gonna go ahead and wrap this Roost up and let you guys head off to bed. Some of y’all that are staying up this late to catch the news fresh off the press are starting to look a little tired. Hang in there, you only have a few more days to go and you’ll make it through!!

Have a good night,