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Hello again parents and welcome back to the Roost for all of todays action. Well, I gotta tell ya, the day started off nice and cool with overcast clouds but it didn’t take long until mother nature decided to give everyone a shower. The rain didn’t stop us from having fun though, several of the outdoor classes reported to the gym for rain day activities and last time I checked a massive game of ships and sailors and dodgeball had broken out. Everyone was having a ball (dodgeball….get it???) as they ran around and played. I don’t even think they realized it was raining except for the few thunder boomers that remained us we can’t control the weather.

Not all classes were in the rain day locations. the cooking class I mentioned last night was still in their normal activity location and cooking away. As I walked past their kitchens, I saw several campers walking out with covered plastic bowls in their hands. I did happen to take note of how well they were protecting these bowls so I figured it was something valuable…… a clue that I should research a little deeper. I asked one of the campers what they made today and they replied “Oreo balls”. I’ve never heard of that so they showed me, it was a delicious looking round mound of oreo covered with chocolate and it even had some white decorative icing on top. They said they were delicious. I asked if I could get my own opinion of how they tasted and I was met with the most polite version of “uhhhhh…no sir” (told ya they were protecting those bowls and with good reason). I took one last chance asking “are you sure?” and again, they answered so politely, “uhhhh …..yes sir”. At least I enjoyed the manners and southern hospitality in the way they told me “NO”!

Well it’s lunch time now and it looks like the worst part fo the rain is almost finished. All the campers are still in the dining hall just waiting until theirs a break in the rain to make a run back to their cabins for the best part of the day…. REST HOUR!!! I’ll be back later and let ya know how that goes, but after 3 solid days of fun and excitement plus the sound of rain gently falling on the tin roofs…… I’m pretty sure you know how my rest hour (and the campers too) will go.

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Welcome back parents, its now just after dinner and boy!! Do I have a story for you guys (in just a little bit) that are playing along at home..

First, the rest of the afternoon went perfectly as the sun came out, the clouds went away and we all got to experience something called “humidity”. If you’re from the south you get it, if you’re not from the south, well, we’ve got something that you just gotta experience for yourself. All I can do to describe it is think of it as walking in a sauna, through water, thats hot, and your clothes won’t dry out. You get the idea. As bad as that might sound, it didn’t stop your campers from learning and having fun.

Speaking of learning (dont worry, I’m gonna get to the story I promised ya), if you camper is in the caving, survival and rappelling class, you should be proud of them. Today they learned all the knots we use and more importantly why we use each one and what we use them for. They did so well, we got to spend the rest of the class building haul systems and picking one of our counselors up from their chair using several different systems. It may not sound that impressive to some of y’all, but they were excited about everything they were learning and even spent some of their free time working to improve their knot tying skills. Who says education happens only in schools!