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Happy Saturday to ya Parents!! I’m not sure what you guys did today, but we started the weekend up here with another great day of activities and weather. Every camper was taking full advantage of the weather and especially our “Mini campers” who were in their last day of normal activities since tomorrow is Sunday we’ll have a special day for everyone (more on that later).

Several “first” happened at amp today and I can’t wait to tell ya about ‘em. Would you believe that I actually was given ANOTHER treat rom our cooking class today!!! (I wasn’t even hanging out by the activity deliberately). I happen to walk by and one of your precious campers hollared out the window for me to come inside and try their mini tacos they made. I wasn’t disappointed, in fact, I was quite surprised at how good they looked and tasted. I hope you guys at home have been taking notes on all the meal items they’ve been making this session cause when you try them when your camper gets home, it’ll have your tongue slapping your brain! They’re THAT good! And for the record, thats twice this session I’ve gotten a treat from that class. Thats like 10 times more than the rest of the summer combined! You guys have some great campers!!!

The other first that happened (I’m not saying these stories are based on actual events, but I couldn’t make this stuff up) is I was able to grab a quick nap during rest hour. Now it wasn’t as good as it sounds. I managed to cram myself onto one of the swings (if you’ve seen me, ya know thats a feat all in itself!) out between Hut Row and the tennis courts and just as I started to nod off, I hear the undeniable sound of campers headed my way. With this being 4th session, our special activity for the session is the VMA’s (Video Music Awards) where each cabin makes their own music video and then we have a big celebration later in the session and watch all the videos and present awards to each cabin. Wouldn’t ya know it, one of the cabins was headed right toward where I was trying to sleep to work on the filming of they’re video. I didn’t mind too much, as I got to watch them do take after take and I even got to see all the bloopers in person.

As soon as they wrapped up their filming I headed back to sleep…… and if on cue, the next cabin came out and started working on their video (see…. I told ya the nap wasn’t as good as it sounds). Oh well, this late in the summer, I’ll take the minute or two of sleep I was able to get. Later next week we’ll have our VMA’s and I’ll let ya know how all the videos turned out, and from what I saw today, they’re gonna be great!

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While the campers are here at camp, they, of course, don’t have the opportunity to see all the pics and videos you guys do or even read the stories in the Roost (not sure why they would need to read it, they live it). Well today I was back at our house when it was time for Sallys Bible study class to start again and in walks the camper I was talking about a few nights ago that obviously had a PHD in logic…..(the 13-14 year old that accused me of not learning about Jesus if I was sleeping). Sally told her I had written about her and she seemed excited so I broke a camp rule and pulled up the Roost on my phone to let her read her section of the Roost. She was smiling ear to ear and laughing as she read my re-creation of the events a few days before, then all of a sudden with out missing a beat she turned and said “that’s incorrect….. I’m only 12!!

Although Sally and the rest of her class seemed to enjoy the moment by the rib splitting laughs and howling they were doing, I (again) just dropped my jaw and lowered my head, I had nothing to even come close to saying…(and some of y’all think being one of the few males at an all girls camp is easy………..)

Today in our CSR class we focused on the “S”- Survival. We learned about hypothermia and built some homemade hypothermia kits (something we actually cary with us when were in the caves). One of the skills they learn is how to light a candle for heat using only a chewing gum wrapper and the battery from their headlamp. The girls did great and in one of the pics I was able to catch was when one of our campers was able to get her candle to light for the very first time. If ya see the pic, you can tell she was excited to see it actually worked and she had mastered the skill.

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Tonight we were enjoying a quite dinner (ok… that part is defiantly NOT true….. its never quiet with all these girls eating at the same time) but then all of a sudden the stinky ol’ boys from Camp Laney (again, not true…. it was just our counselors dressed like them) came busting into the dining hall and took our club leaders and their club flags. Well, your and I both know, your campers aren’t gonna stand for something like that, and as soon as they finished their desserts they got in their clubs and headed out to rescue their leaders and club flags. All they had to do was cary an armload of stuffed socks (we get A LOT of use out of stuffed socks up here) and have 4 campers hit a counselor with a sock to get her out of the game. But of course, this time the counselors had some stuffed socks of their own and if they hit a camper with a stuffed sock then the camper had to report to the scorer before they could get back into the game. Of course you know your campers won and rescued all their leaders and their club flags.

After it was all said and done the final results were….Mounties 3rd, Rangers 2nd and the Terrific Troopers 1st!!! Way to go girls and great job recovering your leaders and club flags!!

With all the action from the last few days and tonight, were gonna slow things down tomorrow night (thank goodness…. I know I…… ummmmm….I mean THE CAMPERS) really appreciate that, and let everyone come to the dinner in their PJ’s and then head to the gym for movie night. Of course you can’t have movie night without having a bag of popcorn for each camper so we’ll be handing a bag to every one of them as they walk in the gym. Its just a guess, but I’d take “the under” on the number of campers that are able to stay awake through the whole movie once they lay down and the cool mountain air starts flowing through the gym.

Well thats about it for tonight, you guy have a great night and enjoy the pics, …… I’m outta here!