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Well hellooooo parents!!! Welcome to the Roost! This is where I’ll keep ya up to date each night with everything thats been going on up here on the mountain. Before I get too far into this here newsletter, let me just say how great it was to see everyone this morning and especially great to see all the campers back at camp. They may have had a big 4th of July weekend, but let me tell ya, they still had plenty of energy to burn today once they got to camp. I could hear them yelling and playin all day long no matter where I was in camp. And at dinner….. you could tell they may have been gone for over a year but they hadn’t forgotten any of the words to all the camp songs! They were belting them out just like they’ve been here all summer.

So as you can tell, all the campers are quickly getting all settled in and back in the camp groove. It didn’t take long today either as we got everyone squared away in their cabins and started playing some get to know ya games so everyone would learn something about all their new cabin mates. After that it was time for all the campers to go pick their activities for the next 2 weeks and then pick their club. Now here’s a couple pointers for all you first time camper parents, so be sure ya pay attention.

You guys at home will be gettin’ a card in the mail with your campers class schedule and which club they’re in. Now before you run out to the mailbox to anxiously wait on that letter, let me warn ya…. sometime the mail up here in Mentone travels like I type….slow. So take your time and go ahead and enjoy your time at home, it’ll eventually get to where its supposed to go (much like my fingers on these small keyboard keys).

Another thing I mentioned is the campers club. Now once these campers get in their club, they’re in ‘em for life and they take it seriously! We’ll have several nighttime activities where the clubs will be competing against one another and you’ll see for yourself, they’ll be goin’ all out tryin’ to win each and every one of those competitions. And when you write your camper a letter or see them on closing day, be sure you definitely get their club right. Family feuds have been known to get started by someone in the family calling their camper by the wrong club name so I’m gonna help y’all out a little bit. When you see your campers cabin and club pics, they’ll be wearing a Skyline shirt that is either written in red- Mounties, blue- Rangers or green- Troopers. Now don’t y’all go and forget, I’m gonna go ahead and say it, I told ya so!

Like I said once all the camper picked their clubs, they had to go to T shirt coral and get their club outfits for the session and then all the campers had their cabin and club pics taken. I got a pretty good feelin’ some of y’all have already been sorting through all the pics and know exactly what I’m talking about by now.

Tonight was a fun night as each cabin played “Cabin fun Night” where each cabin picks their own activity to do so they’re all together and still learning more and more about all their new cabin mates. We had all sorts of activities going on tonight from dodgeball, tie dyeing, face painting, shaving cream wars, spa night, messy twister, and more!

Tomorrow will be a busy day as we all head into tour first day of classes and learn all the things we need to be doin’. We’ll have our camp photographers and videographer out catchin’ all the action for you to see. How do we see it you ask?? (I’m glad you asked!!), just keep reading!

All the camp pics will be on our website hosted in whats called Waldo. You can choose to use Waldo’s facial recognition where it will send all the pics where it see’s your camper straight to your phone! No waiting! And don’t worry, you still get to see every picture taken every day if you want to scroll through them for fun. If you don’t want to sign up with Waldo, you can still see all the photos for free by going to the free web gallery link at You’ll still have to put in your Waldo picture link that was emailed to ya before camp. If you forgot it or don’t have it, just let us know and we’ll be more than happy to remind ya what it is.

Tomorrow night we’re startin’ the session off with a bang as we have our camper favorite, Sock Wars. This is where each club will get a section of camp to hide their club flag and….. quiet a few stuffed socks (don’t worry mom’s, we supply the socks, they aren’t using their own!). Once we ring the bell, all the campers will head out to find the other clubs flag…… and the other club members. Once they see a camper in another club (remember, they can tell by the colors), they’ll be launching socks at each other with everything they have, If they are hit by a sock thats thrown from a camper in another club, they have to report to the scorers table and then they’re back in the game. The club that has the most points from all the socks flying through the air and finding another clubs flag will be the winner. One thing is certain though, there will be a lOT of socks in the air and a lot of sore shoulders afterwards! These girls will be playin’ for keeps!!

Well, I don’t wanna keep y’all up too late on the first night, we still have a long way to go and a lot of special activities this session so I’ll start ya off slow. All the campers are fast asleep by now, just dreamin’ of all the fun they’re gonna have tomorrow. I’ll be back to fill ya in on just how it all went!

Y’all have a great night and be sure to pace yourself, we have a lotta news to share with ya over the next 2 weeks!!

Have a good night!


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