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Howdy parents!! Welcome to day 10 already, can you believe we’ve gotten here so fast!! It seems like only a few days ago when I was trying to explain to ya how all this daily uploading of information would go and where you could click to see all the details. Time sure does fly when you’re havin’ fun and man oh man, your campers have been having fun!

Today was no different, all the campers were having fun and realizing that today was actually their next to last day of activities since our last day is full of special events that I’ll go into detail about tomorrow night. They were gonna let any of the time get away as they wasted no time at all getting up on the horses, and doing the ropes course, circus and tower as fast as they could.

As I was walking back form my 2nd favorite time of day, Beli Deli (of course rest hour is always 1st!), a couple of campers called me into the gym as they were very excited about something. When I got there, there were about 4 campers in their with their gymnastics instructor and one of the campers had just accomplished her first “aerial” (yea…. I had no idea what that was so they got to coach me up on these terms!). She was so happy that she showed it to me again and this time was even better. Of course that lead to the other campers showing me what they had learned during this session and needless to say, I was in there for several minutes watching these girls do their flips and twist (my technical term for all these maneuvers). I gotta say, it was pretty impressive watching them fly around and always land on their feet. I know I surly couldn’t have!!

As the day went on, there were more of “hurry up and lets do it again” from all the campers in all the activities. When it came time for our caving and rappelling class, I did get to enjoy listening to all the campers talk about literally just “passing out” last night when they got in their beds and then how sore they were this morning from all the crawling around they did yesterday underground. “Ha!!!! Welcome to my world” I told them as I challenged them to be crawling around the caves when their in their 50’s like me! And of course I reminded them I was having to move 2 to 3 times their weight every time I had to move through the cave. I don’t think they were impressed by comparisons as they constantly reminded me how sore THEY were. Thank goodness today was a survival classroom day and we made homemade stereo ovens for them to take home and they got to spend some time washing and coiling all our rappelling rope we’ve used. Any day after a cave trip is always a perfect “down day” to focus on some learning instead of crawling.

Tonight everyone headed over to the sports filed all decked out in their club colors. They were painted red, blue and green and decked out in the same colors from head to toe as they got ready to compete for club points in a plethora (I don’t think I’ve ever used that word in my blog before…) of crazy relays. All ya gotta do is look through the pics of at todays video and you’ll see for yourself all the fast paced, fantastic, frenzy of fun filled fabulous feats your campers had to accomplish to with their races.

We had everything I mentioned last night, plus the ping pong relay, the piggy back relay (you can always count on a few good crashes to the grass in this one!) and even the “wheres my shoe” relay where they have to run out to the middle of the field and find their matching show out of a huge pile of shoes. (ya might wanna check your campers shoes when they get back to make sure they got the right one!!!). You folks at home know you can’t have a contest like this without some cheering. so to start things off each club did their best cheer and I don’t know this for a fact, but I’m pretty sure even the people uptown in Mentone, could have heard them cheering and yelling tonight as they yelled their little hearts out trying to help their teammates finish the relays as fast as possible. When all the dust had settled and everything was over, the final results were……. Rangers 2nd and the Terrific Troopers and Mighty Mounties actually tied for 1st!!!! This may be the first time thats ever happened too!!

Theres no telling how the points are stacking up this late in the session but every girl here knows every little point counts and their fighting for every one of them in all their activities!

Tomorrow we’ll slow things down just a bit (I know my caving girls will be happy…….ok,……. so will I) as we all gather in the gym to watch the cabaret which will be a collections of 5-6 songs and performances our chorus and drama class has been working on all session. Its a fun time to appreciate a whole different kind of talent that is hard to write about during our nightly postings. You’ll be able to see for yourself tomorrow as we focus on their performance and they get to hear all the campers pet them know how much they appreciate it.

Tomorrow will be the final day of activities so I’d better get some rest so I can keep up with all your campers as they fly around camp doing their thing. I’f I’m gonna do that I’m gonna need some rest so I think its about time I head to bed and see how quickly I can “pass out” tonight as I get ready for tomorrow. (Spoiler alert…. even though its been 2 days since our cave trip, I bet I’ll be asleep before I can count to one!!)

You guys have a great night and I’ll see ya back here tomorrow for our last post of the Roost for session 3 tomorrow night!!

Have a good one, cause like a slow kid in dodgeball…… I’m OUT!!!


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