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Happy Thursday to ya parents! It was another warm day today (I didn’t have a cool cave to go play in today! but I did sneak in some video from yesterdays trip!) up here on the mountain. This late in the session it starts to get a little harder each nigh to make my way into the office and work on the Roost for ya (a couple cave trips this week sure didn’t help my body feel any younger). Thankfully tonights Roost is brought you by vitamin I (ibuprofen) and BRCC coffee!! Thank goodness theres plenty of supply of that to keep everything going!

Although the heat and something here in the south we like to call “humidity” was prevalent all across the mountain today, that didn’t stop your campers. I saw a group of young campers that weren’t wasting anytime making their way towards horseback and before I could even get in my truck and drive past the barn they were already up and making their way around the ring. Those little ones sure are getting good at all their activities and I think they really enjoy the horses no matter how hot it gets. (This MAY not be the same opinion of the horses though….). I think tomorrow they have a few special surprises set up for them like painting the horses and then giving them a nice cool shower. Mainly for the horses, but I’m sure there might be some campers that happen to get in the water spray. If so, I’m sure both will enjoy that.

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Cooking class was back at it again and this time they were making some out of this world “mini quesadillas”. I did get to sample one of them and man did it make my mouth water (or it could have been the sweat from the humidity). either way, they were delicious and I know you’re gonna love what your campers come home cooking for ya. Personally I don’t see how any camper in that class even have room in their stomach for lunch or dinner, but trust me….. THEY DO!!!!! Especially when the desert is the camp famous “brookies”. When they bring them out after a meal those brookies have about the same chance of survival as a seal pup on an episode of Shark Week. Funny thing is, when the brookies hit the table, it looks eerily similar to the same episode.

Mountain biking class has been making their way not just around camp, but around Mentone. They’ve had some great trips to the brow of the mountain as well as the alpaca farm where they made some new furry friends.

This afternoon was a perfect time to have fun swim and cool off in the river or pool. Didn’t have fun swim on your afternoon schedule? No problem!! Several of the activities incorporated some water balloon game or even splash with the hose games into their activities. From the looks of the pics today it was a perfect choice and no one minded at all.

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Tonight was our wild game of speed challenge where everyone came to the dining hall all dressed up in their club colors. And I thought I saw all the costumes on VMA night, well…. I was wrong. They were decked out in all sorts of different get ups and as the sun set, the troopers apparently had a plan and most of them broke out some glow in the dark rings or hoops to wear around themselves. I gotta admit, it was pretty cool to see all the neon glowing out on the field as we lost the light. It must have helped too ‘cause after all the crazy relays for each age group, the final results were Mounties 3rd, Rangers 2nd and the Terrific Troopers in 1st!!!!!

We’ll be back in all the activities tomorrow and I’ll let ya know how the horse/camper painting and showers go. I feel pretty good they’ll both enjoy it if the weather forecast stays the same.

Thanks again for keeping up with all the campers activities while they’re up here at camp. I know they appreciate ya reading about them and a big “hey!!” to a friend Carley, I hope you’re keeping up with all the action up here!!

It’s been a long day so I gotta hit the hay (hey…. I’m a poet and didn’t know it!) Y’all have a good night, I’ve got to go catch some zzzzzzz’s LJ