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Howdy Parents!! Sorry this version of the Roost is so late, been busy runnin’ around today. So I’ll skip all the small talk and get right to the news! (Lets face it, thats the only reason your here anyway!!)

If there’s ever been a session of campers that fit right in and hit the ground runnin’ this is it. These guys are going full speed at every activity and lookin’like they’ve been doing them for years. I guess you could say the year off hasn’t affected them at all when it comes to having fun! Even the campers that decided to take some “lower risk” activities are in all swing. The cooking class is learning how to make some delicious pastries (at least they look and smell delicious, theres never any left by the time I get there and I haven’t been able to talk an of the campers out of theirs yet…maybe I need to get them place a wager on a corn hole match for a pastry!!)

The campers down at arts and crafts and pottery are busy shaping some nice bowls and plates out of the mounds of clay. Although it’s not an “action “ activity, its still amazing to watch those campers take a lump of clay, a plan, and work hard to mold that lump into a beautiful object once its finished and out of the kiln. Painting is equally as impressive as this campers amaze me by taking a blank sheet of paper and turning it into a work of art. Ropes coures, horseback, heck, even circus… I could do without many worries. Ask me to have the skill to do what they do in arts and crafts, pottery or painting and I would be terrified and not even know where to start. Those campers that have the skill and imagination to do whet they do are truly amazing and I can’t wait for you to see what all they have when they finish.

Do I need to even mention how you’ll be surprised when you see (taste) what your campers in the cooking class will be able to do when they get back??? I think not……

Tonight we let everyone get a little rest as we had Talent Night at Skyline. I know I really………. I mean the CAMPERS really appreciated the slower paced night and the rest. Getting to be entertained to an incredible show was a bonus that I throughly enjoyed. I mentioned I wouldn’t be able to do what the campers in arts and crafts do, but to get up on stage and perform like your campers did tonight would absolutely terrify me. We had all sorts of talent tonight including, gymnastics, singing, magic tricks, jump roping and even some bubble tricks! That may be a first for us here at camp. I’m not sure how the judges decided who the winners were, they surly had their hands full with that task. But at the end of the night they somehow came up with the winners.

Groups 2 & 4:

3rd place: Sam Carter

2nd place: Allison Hochhaus

1st place: Katherine Miles

Groups 5 & 6:

3rd place: Evie Harrison & Mills Foster

2nd place: Big Group dance

1st place: Audrey Hunter

Overall Winners:

2&4: Sydney Marsh and Gabby Ortiz

5&6: Mary Wallace

Congratulations girls everyone did an amazing job!! Of course i would be amiss if I didn’t talk about our special emcee for the talent night. We had none other than the camp famous “Pickle” out to entertain the girls between acts and he didn’t disappoint. If you look at the pics, you’ll see he even came equipped with a rope full of the much wanted “Pickle Bracelets” made from some of our retired ropes course ropes!! Needless to say the crowd went wild when he threw them out int the gym for quite a few of our lucky campers to catch and have for their own. If you don’t know the value of a Pickle Bracelet here at camp then you’ll just have to ask your camper about them in an email. They’re like gold here and the campers love getting them!!!

Tomorrow will be another big day at camp as we all et ready for the Christmas in July weekend heading this way. It wouldn’t be Christmas without a little snow, I don’t think we have snow coming in tomorrow but there is a good chance of some rain. Hey, thats a start and ya gotta have that first before you get snow for a white Christmas and it looks like were off to a good start. We won’t let it mess up any activity plans though as we’ll all have some rain day plans ready! I’ll let ya know how to goes.

Well, you guys are probably as tired as I am by now so I’m gonna let ya go get some sleep. Y’all have a good night and I’ll see ya back here tomorrow.


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