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Hello, hello, hello!

I hope y’all are having a wonderful night or a splendid morning(depending on when you’re seeing this)! For those of you who don’t know me my name is Gene and I’m an Assistant Director here at camp. This is my 19th summer at Skyline so, needless to say, I love camp! My role at camp has changed over the years from camper to counselor to head counselor to now! But, enough about me, I can’t wait to tell you about all the fun we had today.

The weather on the mountain today was positively ideal! Not too hot, not too cool, all you needed was a light flannel! At least in the morning you did the rest of the day was bright, sunny, and warm. According to the minis the river wasn’t even that cold! They made a splash going off the waterslide early on this morning. It was the first time conquering the slide for many of them. The slide has always been my personal favorite Fun Swim activity! Canoeing was, also, having a good day on the river. Two of the classes made it all the way down Little River to Camp Laney’s waterfront. As you can imagine, that’s always a goal for the girls(I wonder why??)! Our Mountain Biking classes were, also, out and about and just happened to bike down the road to Camp Laney. We sure do love our brother camp!

Archery was popping today, we had several bullseyes from everyone from our youngest to our oldest campers. It’s wild it’s only the second day of activities and they’re already getting the hang of things. Right next to Archery you could smell the sweet aroma from our Cooking classes making some masterful creation called “Pizza Crescent Rolls”. Sometimes when the campers in Cooking are feeling charitable they’ll gift their extra cuisines to lucky counselors(or admin) that just happen to be hanging out near by!

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Musical Theater is starting to practice for Cabaret at the end of the session. I’m going to be honest I haven’t had the chance to stop by yet, but a little camper birdie told me the theme for the Cabaret is going to be Summer/Island/Beach songs from musicals and movie! So, I’m excited to swing by tomorrow especially since this is a completely new theme that they haven’t done this summer! Dance is starting to practice for their big number in Showtime. You can hear their song and laughter throughout camp as they practice!

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Speaking of Dance we had several incredible dancers perform at Talent Night tonight. Before I reveal the winners of Talent Night I need to give a special shout out to our host for the evening our Ropes Course Director, Pickle! He did a special performance to begin the evening that words simply can not describe, you’ll have to ask your daughter when you pick them up. It was entertaining to say the least. There were 19 acts in total, tonight! We had everything from piano to singing to gymnastics! And just when you think you’ve seen it all we had a mime perform, too!Never in my lifetime have I seen a mime let alone a 10 year old one at camp. I did not envy the judges for the evening one bit because I’m sure it was a tough decision with all of these talented pals.

The winners of the evening were:

Groups 2 & 4

1st Place: Ruby Neiman

2nd Place: Emilynn Lieb

3rd Place: Eden Popwell

Groups 5 & 6

1st Place: Kate Franklin

2nd Place: Lily Peeples

3rd Place: Meredith Word

Overall Winners

Groups 2 & 4: Drew Williams

Groups 5 & 6: Molly Baldwin & Sarah Coleman Hornsby

We ended the night around the campfire as we always do and dug a little bit more into our theme for the day which was “Fruits of the Spirit”. What a wonderful way to end the night! I can not wait to see what tomorrow hold for camp and all of these girls!

Good Night Everyone!