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Happy Monday Skyline! I introduced myself on Camp’s instagram back in October but for those I have not met yet…My name is Anna Clayton (normally AC at camp) and I joined the full-time staff back in August. I was a counselor from 2015-2021 and spent most of my days in Horseback Riding and most of my nights hanging out with the girls in Riverside. This summer will look a little different for me but I am so excited to be planning and implementing the night time activities this time around! Apparently this means I can’t dress up as a grandpa and participate in Get Skyline Back??

I have had so much fun being a part of this team and getting to help with all of the ins and outs of working towards Summer 2022! One of my main responsibilities as an assistant director is working with Camp Skyline’s marketing. I have fun thinking of things to post on our Instagram and Facebook. You may have already noticed our newest social media platform that we’ve been playing with: TikTok! Now none of us here in the office really know what we’re doing when we make them. This platform is pretty new for all of us so we are slowly learning therefore slowly posting as well. I think I saw a school or other organization post a slideshow of some sort on a TikTok so that gave me the idea to make one for Camp Skyline. I recognize that many of our campers are on it so I thought it would be fun to post fun things for them to see and maybe even introduce camp to new people (#foryoupage!) I started out finding some pictures from this past summer and putting them together to highlight our session themes. I played around with the sound, effects, music, and filters to try to find something “cool” and not as laughable as I felt. I feel like we could bring in some of our campers and they can do a much better job working the app overall but we have had tons of fun thinking of new ideas. I like the video editing aspect. I think this will be such a cool tool to have when we have campers here for the summer. We have some fun tricks up our sleeve so be on the lookout. A couple may even have to do with a certain Pickle. If you haven’t already, go give us a follow on our TikTok. Let us know if there is something you want to see on camp’s page or maybe a fun viral dance we should try out. Ivy, Lola Kate, and I will get right on it! Here us the link to our TikTok…

For now, the office is enjoying another snow day. Snow started falling yesterday around 8:00 a.m. and did not stop until late in the evening. We walked around and got plenty of pictures of camp covered in the beautiful snow. And yes, I did make a TikTok of it all. Afterwards, we went to Ivy & Brett’s house for a late lunch and to enjoy our snow day all together inside because it was pretty cold. Larry made a comment saying how cool it was to be able to do this and spend time together (of course we were missing a few that don’t live right here.) It reminded me of how lucky we are to have such a sweet office family that genuinely enjoy spending time with each other even on our days off. That makes working towards this summer even more fun! We can’t wait for everyone to be here. I am loving getting to meet and chat with so many amazing women who have applied for staff this summer. It’s really getting real!! It will be here before we know it. Can you tell I’m counting down the days?? Until then, you can follow us on TikTok to see what we’re up to.

See you soon!! AC