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This screenshot above is the first thing you see when you visit our BRAND NEW STAFF WEBSITE! We are so excited to share this site to all who may be interested in working at the best summer job ever. It has been so fun to work on and we are thrilled for everyone to check it out. This website contains all things staff including:

  • The Staff Application
  • Counselor stories
  • Things to do around Skyline
  • An introduction and description of all of our activities & jobs
  • A day in the life of a counselor
  • Our brand new segment we are introducing to our staff: Skyline Heroes.

Frances, our Alumnae Relaitions extrordinaire will share more about our heroes pretty soon but you can read a little about it on our heroes page.
You should see it for yourself. Click the link below to vist Camp Skyline Staff!

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