Since I’ve officially lived in Mentone now for 2 years I’ve had plenty of opportunity to explore the area. So for those of you who come to visit for a long weekend or for those of you coming for the day when you drop your child off at camp, I’m going to share with you my favorite places to check out. I must say that there are many more places than I will share here so make sure to stop by The Mentone Market for a full list of things to do. The Cultural Arts Center also has brochures and The Little River Hardware has suggestions as well.

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Desoto Falls is a must see to visit any time of year. The fall color is amazing as you hike around to get the best view but really any time of year the falls are incredible to see. Desoto Falls is a 104-foot waterfall on the west fork of the Little River and was named for the explorer Hernando Desoto. There are also several trails within the Desoto State Park that lead to some great fly-fishing on the river. The Red Eyed Bass are a specialty in this area. I take every family member and friend that comes to visit us to Desoto Falls.

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Little River Canyon National Preserve is another must see and you will see some views that rival the Grand Canyon. Its actually 15,288 acres including the Little River with rare plant and animal species. You can drive around, hike some trails, whitewater paddle or fish. There are even some swimming holes that are wonderful to cool off in the heat of summer. Make sure to go the pretty visitors center and watch a movie that will give you all the history you need. My husband loves to fish this area.

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Cloudland Canyon State Park is actually in Georgia but worth the 30 minute drive from Mentone. There is a beautiful and challenging waterfall hike. Make sure to take water! And to walk the rim of the canyon with its stunning overlooks is a necessity. I have heard there are some great biking trails too. During the summer of Covid 2020 the head counselors along with the admin took a day to explore the scenic views.

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The Pocket in Georgia, or otherwise known as the Shirley Miller Wildflower Trail, is one of my favorite places to see the natural beauty of wildflowers with around 50 varieties. It has a nice boardwalk that leads to a really cool waterfall. March and April are the best times to explore the flowers in full bloom. In fact just recently we had 3 generation of Skyline cuties checking out this amazing sight.

So anytime you come to visit us on Lookout Mountain make sure you visit one or all of my favorite spots. And really just hanging out in Mentone and walking on our “soon to be” completed sidewalk you will have plenty to do. The Mentone Market, Wildflower Cafe and Elevation are just a few of the restaurants in our little town that will satisfy all your cravings. Take a hike or see a waterfall and make sure to end your day with a campfire under the starry sky. You’ll never want to leave!