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Camp is only 2 months away and we can’t wait to see each and everyone of you driving through the gates of camp! Spring mail out should be arriving to you very soon with all the things you need to know for camp and the packing list. Here are a few tips to help you prepare and pack for camp this summer.

  1. Packing all of your things in a trunk is super helpful. The best place to find a trunk is Everything Summer Camp and use the code trail421SR for a discount!

  2. Putting your name into all of your clothes is very helpful at camp when sometimes you may loose things. They make easy labels with your name that you can purchase or just use a sharpie marker to put your name in all of your clothing items. Check out our Skyline Resources to find links to buy labels for your clothes.

  3. Packing in ziplock bags is very helpful for when its time for a new outfit all you need is placed in the one bag. Its very easy for campers to just grab that out of their trunk.

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