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Hi parents, I hope ya had a peaceful Sunday where ever you’re reading this. Its been a warm fun day up here on the mountain. I went over a lot of the details of today in last night’s blog so tonights will be a little shorter.

Everyone enjoyed the late morning wake up (I know I sure did!) and then the breakfast with homemade doughnuts. Our guest Sunday speaker Aja didn’t disappoint with her message and unique way to have all the girls remember the verses she taught on. I know there some pictures of them doing some crazy hand motions with claps, slaps, taps and more. I was doing pretty well hanging in there with them until it required a little rhythm and coordination and at that point, I was out of the equation but the campers did great! I did happen to catch several of them watching me try the motions and laughing as I struggled with it.

After lunch it was time for carnival. As you can see in the pics and video, everyone had a cool time of the giant inflatable water slides. As I walked around watching everyone play, you couldn’t help but hear the campers from Riverside across the river enjoying themselves at the pool. Needless to say, some splash fun was just what all the girls needed to have a good time and cool down from our lack of rain.

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Counselor hunt followed and your campers did a dad gum good job shaking out those counselors that had buried themselves in the bushes, in trash cans, on roofs and everywhere they thought the girls would not look. I’m not sure how many were found but I know it was almost every one of ‘em thanks to the determination of the campers to keep looking at every opportunity they had.

At the end of the night, the final results for the clubs were……….Rangers 3rd, Troopers 2nd and the Magic Mounties 1st!!!! Congrats to the Mounties for doing such a good job and finding all those counselors.

Now tomorrow we’ll all be back to our classes as we start our 2nd week of activities. Mother Nature is teasing us again with some rain (she did today but didn’t come through, its still dry as a bone up here). We’ll see what happens throughout the week if we get any or not!

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Tomorrow night will be a fast, furious, fantastic activity between all the clubs….Speed Challenge! All the girls will be decked out inter club colors and head over to the sports field for the craziest set of relays you’ve ever seen. Well run a set of 12 relays for each age group at camp. Yep, if your doing the math at home thats 12 relays for 5 different age groups for a total of 60 relays, all back to back to back to back…. you get the point! Well start with group 6 (I know I said there were 5 groups, but the mini campers aren’t here anymore and they were group 1…see…… its gonna work out!) SO we’ll start with group 6 running their first relay and as soon as one club finishes, they start immediately with the second and so on. These relays ain’t like any you’ve seen before as they’ll involve running out to the middle and finding your show in the midst of 50-60 mixed up shoes, rolling your partner with a roll of toilet paper, covering your partner with shaving cream, the dreaded ping pong ball on a spoon relay and more! You’ll have to tune back in to see all the craziness the goes on during the race. as soon as all 3 clubs in one age group finish their set of 12 races, we’ll reset and do it again with group 5, then 4 and so on. One thing I can promise is it will be LOUD< FAST AND FUN as the camper cheer on their other club members to victory! You’ll have to tune in tomorrow to see the pics to believe it!

Well, Its been a great weekend so Im gonna cut this short and head off to get ready for tomorrow. You guys staying up late to read this as soon as it’s posted should do ht same. Ya got one week left and your gonna need every bit of sleep you can get to keep up with everything your campers are doing.

We’ll see ya tomorrow!!